Joey Bada$$ Breaks Down New York Bodega Snacks | Snacked

Half convenience store, half deli, bodegas are an essential part of life in New York City. On an all-new episode of Snacked, Brooklyn rapper and “Raising Kanan” star Joey Bada$$ lays out the bodega classics everyone should know, from “quarter waters” and Vienna sausages, to honey buns and Kisko Freezies. Plus, Joey breaks down the keys to getting the most out of a BK bodega, from the importance of getting to know your bodega man, to what a store’s snacks can tell you about the surrounding neighborhood.


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  1. An urban metro NY’er should have not only had each of these snacks at least once, but def misses having a bodega if they move.

    He was speaking the truth about those “quarter waters” and Vienna sausage. Those two items got a lot of broke kids through tight times.

  2. A chopped cheese from a bodega is definitely one of my stops when I visit my boy in Harlem. When he told me about them years ago I’ve been making my own homemade since and it’s 🔥 but I needa try it from the source! All Love from Dallas.

  3. BRUH you brought me back with these, still remember the beef patty w/ cheese and coco bread, or that wrapped up cheeseburger they nuked in the microwave lol, and Tropical Fantasy sodas

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