1. The Jet's do this every year at least since Revis they can never work out the top picks contract before camp same thing went on with Darnold and Jamal Adams. Stop being stingy they over paid Bell and the corner from the Rams and don't want to pay the best Qb we've drafted since Ken O'Brien geez

  2. Jets say they are about "All Gas No Brakes." Welp, they just threw 'Gas' and about to burn Jets nation's positive vibes and feelings heading into the season, by putting the 'Brakes' on Zach signing his contract!  

    As long as the Johnsons own the team "The Jets Are Gonna Jet!" It's all they know!

  3. Would the Jets want to sign Blake Bortles? He would be the perfect backup candidate. Saleh knows him well from Jax too. Bortles is just 29 with good size and he can run too! Grab him Jets!

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