Is New York City WORTH IT in 2021 !?

My perspective on New York City for 2021

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  1. I moved to Fla from Ny and I am not happy 😢 I moved to Fla because of my daughter n granddaughters n becareful of the cold I have Asthma. I need depressed since I left. I cry almost everyday and 😢😢😢 my husband likes it here it so hard to live with someone that does not want to come back but I do. I been here here since July 2021 . With covid now n mandates to making me think. I miss my friends. I had a friend for 40 years n she told me we will always be family well since I been on Florida she had not spoken to me. The last time I spoke to her she told me God is punishing me. I have all is negative in my head n dont know what to do 🤷‍♀️ the bottom line is should I come back to Ny or stay in Fla? I am tired of 😢😢 n being unhappy. Stay safe 🙏

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  3. Interesting seeing how much the city has changed due to the virus. Seems like it's more important than ever to support local businesses so that they'll still be around for years to come.

  4. What destroyed New York is immigration and money. Millions of poor, racist people going there from all the world, hoping to chase " the American dream". So you end up with nothing but rude, greedy animals all chasing a carrot.

  5. Given the proof of vaccination and De Blasio's power trip, not a chance. Signed – NYer moving out by end of this month.

  6. They must have a great assets for homeless I know a woman who lives for free rent food everything paid for ,yes cuz 2 kids but NO JOB FREE HOUSING

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