Is New York City WORTH IT in 2021 !?

My perspective on New York City for 2021

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  1. I moved to Fla from Ny and I am not happy 😢 I moved to Fla because of my daughter n granddaughters n becareful of the cold I have Asthma. I need depressed since I left. I cry almost everyday and 😢😢😢 my husband likes it here it so hard to live with someone that does not want to come back but I do. I been here here since July 2021 . With covid now n mandates to making me think. I miss my friends. I had a friend for 40 years n she told me we will always be family well since I been on Florida she had not spoken to me. The last time I spoke to her she told me God is punishing me. I have all is negative in my head n dont know what to do 🤷‍♀️ the bottom line is should I come back to Ny or stay in Fla? I am tired of 😢😢 n being unhappy. Stay safe 🙏

  2. What destroyed New York is immigration and money. Millions of poor, racist people going there from all the world, hoping to chase " the American dream". So you end up with nothing but rude, greedy animals all chasing a carrot.

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