'I'm smiling': Ret. Lt. Gen. Hertling reacts to Putin news

Ret. Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling joins Ana Cabrera to discuss reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin is making tactical military decisions in Russia’s months-long war in Ukraine. #CNN #News


  1. According to Sergei Semyonovich Sobyanin on Russian state television:

    "Mutiny in the Russian army, they shout "Potyomkin"

    we don't want any more senseless murders, let Putin kill alone.

    We belong to the enlightened world, we want to party, sing, talk and dance with other people

    Graceful are women, how enchantingly charming rhythmic, we should destroy the most beautiful thing in the world!

    Putin who are you, we are responsible citizens, where are you from, not from our world?

    Beauty begins to melt in the mind when stupidity triumphs"!

  2. I dont know , when it comes to war crimes america really doesnt have a leg to stand on here. We've done all those things and worse during wars and we've covered it up and never made our guilty pay ,not even the fact that our military soldiers were being drugged to become the ultimate soldier. I just dont think these particular stones are the ones we should be throwing around .

  3. The reason "Just following orders" line will not work, more than in the past, is due to social media and literally everyone not involved directly in combat being "Photo-Journalists" and being able to record and submit evidence of War Crimes and Atrocities. You can "Photoshop" a picture or manipulate a video once or twice, but when you have hundreds and hundreds of images, video, first person accounts and multiple witnesses you cannot hide behind your "orders" anymore. And hey, both the LPR and DPR wanted to be a part of Russia so bad and fought for 8 years are now watching THEIR TERRITORY be completely obliterated, and all by the Country they trusted because of Artillery Duels that are (even the Ukrainians) leveling whole villages and cities due to their Aggression. So in reality, they are destroying villages and killing THEIR OWN CITIZENS. It is amazing how ass-backwards the fighting in that region is at this point.

  4. I assume a majority of the 7415 comments prior to mine are from our American cousins – I'm in London – and if ANY of you think this report from the completely trustworthy CNN [this is English sarcasm] is/was based on any kind of accurate data or intelligence from the US services then may I politely suggest you spend some time reviewing the output from The Duran, as well as the two hosts who have excellent geopolitical analysis on their own channels, +The New Atlas. At least their reporting seems based on reality.

  5. You need to get a rounded view of what is happening, a view of three quarters of the world's media, not just CNN. This is a very serious issue which could result in a nuclear world war three, and virtual annhilation of the world as we know it. I suggest you look at the Indian media, the African media, even the French media (France 24). What is the roots and causes of this war. It is not as it is being portrayed. Putin is not who is being portrayed either. There are far tougher people behind him urging him to go in far harder on Ukraine. In February he simply wanted Russian speaking eastern Ukraine who were being tormented by Ukrainian army bully boys. Now with American European and British arms pouring in he has expanded the war arms to neautralise all of Ukraine. He has already won eastern Ukraine which is actually Russian. Leave it at that. Do you actually want a world war. You are being fed bull…. Do you think you were told the truth about Vietnam or Iraq. Let local people sort it out for themselves. Look at worldwide media. Learn. Don't let politicans and your media takes you for idiots.

  6. I believe Trump is bond to Putin . Putin controls his Puppet possibly because Trump has invested in Russian properties with Putin blessing. When Trump sided with Putin on live TV and disregarded his own Intelligence leaders, that proved where Trump was One Evil Dude. Is it possible Russia not only helped Trump get elected in 2016 but help plot the Inserrection on January 6 th?

  7. I'm former US Army Ranger…this general is a sellout and clown he knows Russia is crushing Ukraine but he takes the money and lies to the American people. Come back to this post in 6 months than pay me


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  9. All the experts themselves. Where do you find this people. Just look at his head. He is laughing at Putin's strategy….an ordinary puppet of the Deep State, Kahzars, Vatican mobs.
    In your dreams sunny…🕵️🧐😎

  10. What a pathetic disgrace to see a career military leader spouting propagandist nonsense after reaching an age where his experience and wisdom could benefit mankind . Good luck General, I hope the few bucks you got were desperately needed. Nothing else could explain this farcical performance

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