I Left NYC for Los Angeles

I tried leaving NYC for Los Angeles
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As a born and raised New Yorker I tried leaving NYC for LA to see how life is on the West Coast. From the food, to traffic, to the lifestyle, it was an interesting experience. I explore all over LA from Hollywood to Venice Beach and come to realize more about why so many people want to live here.

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  1. i love my job in midtown but want to move to LA as im originally a texas mexican guy and miss my culture. oh and i miss driving! yes train is good but i like to be in control and cruise around listening to music

  2. People are usually much nicer out West and the South. There are a lot of people who fake it but most people genuinely like having the conversation. Colorado is the exception.. people are definitely not nice over there.

  3. Lived in both. Loved both. The food and weather in LA just edges out NYC but financially, when I can swing it, I’ll come out as BI-Coastal lol 😂

  4. Stay a week in Chicago next. You owe it to yourself to stay in the best city in America 🇺🇸 😎

  5. LA is paradise

    The people are Uber plastic snobs but the scenery is the best

    Don’t come to LA to make friends if you’re a short black male as people won’t even notice you

    Happiness in LA is strictly for light skin, white skin, Asian white and white affluent people

    All others will be ignored, ostracized and given he poker face

  6. hi i watch your videos from canada so everyone my age is moving out of cali because wow that homelessness thing. we dont have that here like the usa is just wow and the crime…you should consder toronto or vancouver clean quiet crime free canada i dont even want to visit california yikes but myabe u are used to that growing up in nyc i feel sorry for americans its a wild west show all the time

  7. A strange phenomena…. I think we're born (karmic?) to either be a west coast or an east coast person. I grew up on the west coast and lived in what many
    would consider paradise (Monterey Peninsula)… but I made a visit to the east coast and for whatever reason totally fell in love with the lush green, the seasons,
    the history of the east coast, the people…. I packed up my bags over twenty years ago and moved to the Atlantic coast and never regretted it.

  8. Just saying. New York and CA have the most highest population of homeless people everywhere 😳

  9. I love living in the suburbs of LA. That's the place to be. When I was in my early 20's i loved the busy life and living in LA. Now I like living in the more quiet areas. I love that everything is so accessible to beaches and the downtown area still.

  10. i lived out there for a decade and it never did feel right. there was a void because for one thing you really don't make meaningful relationships. there are superficial greetings, smiles and friendliness but its shallow. it is also very looks and status conscious. there is definitely is a fakeness to it all. yes, u could do the beach and ski in the same day but no one does that. in fact unless u live in a beach community u don't get there too often. u do all that on visits there but not when u live there.

  11. Brother, once you said you want to experience the LA lifestyle & mentioned west hollywood & venice, you're already out of the whole LA experience. You go to the most mainstream areas of the city. The real LA is innercity.

  12. My cuzin offer me a job a week ago $30 a hour , I love LA but the reality of moving from Michigan out there is scary for me im 54 but watching this help a little

  13. Lol with how dangerous and out of control Both places have gotten, neither!! Miami or if NY, Upstate seems good. If not those then the South, Not Atlanta

  14. Angeleno born and raised, although I would love to visit NYC and other parts of the East Coast (been to DC in '96 when in 8th grade), I just couldn't move to NYC because of the weather and the distance in terms of how long it'll be to get back and forth across the country in case of family emergency. And in spite of living 2 to 4 hrs hours in either direction of ski resorts, ( Big Bear, Mountain High and Gorman along the Grapevine aka interstate 5) i''ve never seen snow up close and personal with the exception of watching the snow reports from the local ski resorts and other snow related news on the local news. That's not to say that I haven''t ever thought moving from L.A., i did plan on moving to Dallas in 2017 after visiting family friends a couple of times and fell in love with Dallas with in the first 2 days of my first trip, but in the end, due to some emotional issues connected to the lost of my mom in 2016 and the sheer fact that moving across the country , whether it's Dallas or NYC is no joke., I wasn't as ready as I thought i was. No city is perfect, but just like New Yorkers love NYC, Angelenos love L.A. worts, eccentricities (looking at you Venice Beach lol) , traffic and all

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