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  2. This is the worst interview I’ve ever seen these dudes look like some grown ass babies especially the ones in the back they’re even wearing cartoon clothing for toddlers

  3. Mo bands less friends and u have like 10 friends right there with u yo hood n99as only use words and phrases and don't know wtf it means !!! Yall won't. Last a day in the carribean yall would get beat down every min of every day with that bum sht!!

  4. I grew up on the block in Detroit…if can do an RIP shoutout for that many people….time to reevaluate what you’re doing out here. No hate, but damn…

  5. That is absolutely real. I moved from LA area to Frisco and a lot of people I've come acrossed all races.. from Samoan, Hispanic, philipino, black was saying blood this blood that and I was like yo ya bangin or just talking cuz where I'm from that's dangerous. But they Def do things diff in Frisco because Blood and cuz is just a word to them.

  6. Wow, this is deep I remember when the crips first came to sunnydale, it's really sad to see it's still the same. I grew up in the area of the 80's to 90's, my dude was (Joe Cheese) & ( G-Force) and the realist OG (Peter Lee) much love to the SWAMP/Sco-Town

  7. pretty normal Bay Area dudes. LOL. Sucks that there are guns everywhere in this country. Legalize drugs, legalize prostitution, better education, science education, arts education, etc. to low income neighborhoods. Create opportunities to join the military, etc.
    Fucking government is all caught up with COVID 19 bull shit.

  8. Who cares about this shit why show how this racist country have my people living take this time to show how better we've become or make a video on how to make things better!!!

  9. I flew to Frisco for a week to mess with this one chick that lived in there. I woke up and walked to the store to get a blunt early morning and was approached by 3 dudes asking me who was I over there for and I told them I was just visiting with my folks. They knew I was from the LA area because of my attire and they mentioned that as well, but also told me that I had a pass and to just not get caught trying to sell drugs in their projects. The late night side shows were lit too. Ratchets everywhere and all types of dudes smoking up the streets and doing donuts but I definitely wouldn't be back anytime soon.. 😂

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