Hidden Details of the New York Public Library | Architectural Digest

Noted historians serve as your personal audio guide through a virtual walking tour of the New York Public Library. Find out about hidden details of the famed NYC building as these expert reveal the history behind the Winnie the Pooh toys, the Rose Main Reading Room, the iconic lion statues Patience and Fortitude, the Stephen A. Schwarzman building, the Milstein Division, the map collection, the book train and more.

Special thanks to the Bryant Park Corporation. Special thanks to The New York Public Library.

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Hidden Details of the New York Public Library | Architectural Digest


  1. There is a lot of thought and intention put in old buildings. It makes me think that people in the past didn’t focus on time as much as they focused on detail and without a doubt, quality.

  2. One Question , how do they protect the building from terrorist / terrorism someone taking taking the building down or causing havoc??? Something that valuable $$$$ !!!

  3. Ppl go there cuz of how it's big and pretty and stuff like that….I just wanna go there put sum flowers for ash :'(

  4. I can say that I visited the NY Public Library and I absolutely loved it!! So much history! It’s a gem for all New Yorkers and the world. I’d love to visit again! Thanks for sharing!

  5. This type of videos I like to see I don’t care about celebrities houses make more videos like this we learn something

  6. An amazing library. I always take the time to visit the New-York public library when I go to New-York city. I am always happy that I did. I was so amused when I recognized the library in the ghostbuster movie. 🤪🤪🤪

  7. the "historian" that continues to be barely eloquent and constantly has to use the lame phrase "sort of" —is the epitome of an unpolished speaker.

  8. Did they say that the Gutenberg Bible is worth 100 billion? Cuz I doubt it’s even worth 100 million. The last time a Gutenberg Bible sold it was to a Japanese university and before that was to the Huntington library, and that was in the 1990’s. And the time the going rate was about 30 million, so one would surmise with inflation and appreciating value would bring the price to double the 1990’s value so in the range of 60-70 million dollars but not in the billions, though I must’ve misheard.

  9. istg imagine someone just coming here for educational purposes and people are here like 'Ash is just taking a nap there'

  10. "Sayonara New York, Sayonara America, But I wont say sayonara to you Ash. Because this isnt a goodbye, I know we'll see each other again.. someday" 💔

  11. The Library building looked beautiful enough just surrounded by the grounds, as it may have been originally planned. The buildings which were subsequently added around it seem to compete for attention, and thus strain the atmosphere around the Library as one of claustrophobic existence.

  12. The responsible granddaughter predictably trade because school conceptually spill from a righteous olive. divergent, sordid boot

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