Guessing Strangers Incomes in New York City

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I’m back at interviewing people in NYC in 2022 to try to guess how much people make in a year working in New York City! I ask questions like, “what’s the most expensive thing you own” & “are you happy?” Their incomes varied a lot which was interesting to see…

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If you’re reading this, comment “10 is overrated”


  1. back w a part 2 ~ thank you for all the support as always. y’all literally changed my life ♥️♥️♥️

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  3. Eric Floberg’s comment was so thought provoking. “I’m not really interested in a 10, what the point if you’re not being challenged?”. Wow.

  4. Despite the economic downturn, I'm having the best time of my life financially. Earning over $83k in the last 2months with an investment of $19,000. Money can be made even in a bear market. Make the most of it.

  5. How hard it is to survive in NYC especially lots of unemployed people tried to survived since been three years

  6. 99% of people will lie about what they make because they know we are judged in society based off that little number. Kinda messed up.

  7. How much money do you MAKE? How can people "MAKE" money? People LABOR for money in exchange for COMPENSATION. They don't have INCOME, which is a made up word to get them to pay (GIFT) INCOME TAXES. Oh, and sometimes people's money INCREASES, but for goodness sake don't call it CAPITAL GAINS, PROFITS, INTEREST, etc,… People are compensated for their labor (trading time for money) and sometimes their money increases. Change your perspective and words and change your life.

  8. He makes 130k a year and his parents still pay his phone plan. Parents are hilariously cute… as long as they're good parents

  9. Bro it's funny how people say money can't buy happiness yet none of the one who say that earns more than six figures .money can sure buy happiness don't listen to the lies. It can't buy all the happiness in the world but it can for sure buy mist happiness.

  10. Did anyone else scream YES at the screen when the dude asked if we remember Sugar Ray Leonard?

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