Global National: July 25, 2021 | Canadian women leading the way at Tokyo Olympics

On this episode of Global National: Team Canada makes a splash at the Tokyo Olympics, as Canadian women lead the way by nabbing the country’s first set of silver medals in women’s freestyle relay and synchronized diving. As Crystal Goomansingh explains, the latest achievements are also putting swimmer Penny Oleksiak in an elite Olympic class.

Meanwhile, the race continues to vaccinate even more people across North America, as the United States sees a dangerous resurgence of cases while vaccination rates stall. As Jennifer Johnson reports, a crisis is looming for the country, as it combats the more transmissible Delta variant.

In Ottawa, migrant workers took to Parliament Hill Sunday, calling for Canada to change immigration laws and allow them rights and freedoms enjoyed by all Canadians. As David Akin explains, they hope to make their cause an election issue.

And the wildfire fight continues in British Columbia, as over 250 fires continue to burn in the province. Hot and dry conditions continue to fuel them. Lauren Pullen repots from the ongoing situation near Oliver, B.C., where the nearby Nk’Mip Creek Fire is still growing.

Finally, Canada is on the eve of a major milestone, as Inuk leader Mary Simon prepares to be sworn in as the country 30th governor general. She’s the first Indigenous person to take on the role of the Queen’s representative. David Akin takes a look at her story, and how she carved her path into Rideau Hall.

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  1. Have to go door to door trying to get people to get vaccinated you'll have about as much luck as the Jehovah's witness lol 🤣 Peace of mind of not being vaccinated is so worth it I mean even a silly dog gets tired of chasing its own tail!!!!

  2. If you ask me, the BEST example of LEADING THE WAY is the Alberta Government…NO MORE MASKS, NO MORE RESTRICTIONS … RIGHT HERE IN OUR COUNTRY CANADA!!!
    Let’s see 1 female olympic swimmer BEAT THAT!!!

  3. Why isn’t global news reporting the gentleman that was arrested for the second time for arson in Kelowna he was setting fires more than once and the police arrested him and sent him on his merry way and he did it again why is that not being reported oh wait that’s because it doesn’t follow their agenda that statistically there’s more forest fires because of human error but they won’t report the actual facts God for bid

  4. Why do we have migrants working in our health care for long term residents and such when we have Canadians graduating from our own health care courses regularly?? We don't need them here for that.

  5. Meanwhile……Canada's leaders have participated in an illegal failed coup against a sitting American president. Oops…….guess we better learn to sing the stars and stripes.

  6. You are the only news channel that shows commercials. How cheep and amateur is your channel. For me, add block means I have to spend my time to bring your channel in as I wish to watch. When is your news channel going to grow up?

  7. How are these people being treated badly when everyone else that I migrate here have to wait few years to become a Canadian citizen,,,nothings free in life they should earn it like the rest of canadians

  8. 8:34 most people didn't even knew such thing as migrant workers exist in Canada. How does government show them in Canada employment and unemployment statistics? They are brought in as cheap labors because hiring a Canadian citizen is expensive.
    Legalizing them will not solve the problem.

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