Getting Around San Francisco | Map Breakdown

Daniel explains how to navigate the hills and valleys that make up “The Golden City”, San Francisco.
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When most people think of San Francisco, the first thing to come to mind is the bay it’s named after. Often overlooked is the city’s other most prominent feature: the hills it’s built on. In this map breakdown, Daniel shows us how the geography of the land and its robust history shaped the city as it is today and how to find your way around.

Hillmapper Map:
SF landmarks Map:

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  1. Excellent video. i would have liked to have seen you do some of the less glamorous neighborhoods. Excelsior, Bayview, Visitation Valley — all parts of the city tourist may not visit, but important to SF.

  2. Mr O,Farrell was asked to design many of the streets in the City and he was the guy that decided the streets should go along the contours of the Hills, coming down to Market St, of which he is also responsible for, however even though the City Big Wigs etc loved his design they told him they had no money to pay him, he fought them and they decided to just name a street after him and that street is O,Farrell street, he was still angry and left the City with death threats over his head. NOT chased out of Town, he was a strong Irishman, they do NOT run.
    The Golden Gate Bridge is NOT the Golden Gate Bridge as it is in fact the Bridge that spans the Golden Gate, so named by the many men that sailed through it into the Bay, they all jumped Ship and headed for them there Gold fields. Its painted International Orange….The Marina District is all land fill of those Ships that sank and rocks etc from the 06 Quake and thats why so many of the damaged houses in the later big Quake in 1989, ( I came off the Bay Bridge 20 minutes before it collapsed), those houses all sank as there was no solid rock under those houses.
    It was a Scotsman that designed Golden Gate Park, and solidified the sand Dunes of the area including the Avenues, (Also know as the Fog Belt),he hated statues but one was built of him, he was a small guy, and it stands today in the Rose Garden off JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park, it was also a Scotsman that designed the Cable Cars. Im also a Scotsman.
    I doubt very much the connection between sailors being discharged for being homosexual and the big Gay scene of today as that would be the Beatnik influence if any.
    San Francisco is so named after Saint Francis and his main teaching was tolerance.
    I lived there during much of the 1980s, I lived in The Mission, Noe Valley, Sunset, Castro and the Tenderloin, I was a Tour Guide with Gray Line and I drove the Green Tortoise Bus. left the City in the early 1990s.
    I will always leave a part of my heart in San Francisco and when I hear Tony sing it I often get very emotional as I went through a lot of head changes there, clean and sober.

  3. When I grew up in the City the park in the avenues was called Golden Gate Park. Not Golden State Park. I don't doubt the change. I left 26 years ago. SoMo was the Tenderloin.

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