Four Videos From San Francisco Teach Us Lessons

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“Understanding De-Escalation”
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Part 2:

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  1. When Democrats are in charge they coddle criminals and the criminals feel emboldened by moronic laws preventing good guys from owning firearms. You can also bet if you’re in a blue city the criminal justice system is a failure. We don’t have a gun problem. We have a Democrat problem.

  2. Was in SF over the weekend. It's a CESSPOOL. It's basically lawless. Drug addicts, mentally ill, criminals running the city. I won't be back. IT would take the military to clean it up at this point.

  3. San Francisco might as well be in Sao Paulo, Brazil. At the rate they're making anti-gun laws, only the police and military would be able to be armed legally.

  4. I’m guessing that way more violent criminals get away with their crimes than actually suffer immediate consequence. I believe more citizenry will arm because politicians have abandoned us. With higher crime rates and more criminals out of prison and on the streets it’s the only way to drive it back. I would recommend become educated and confident in self defense.

  5. San Francisco is a third world country–a mixture of Mexico meets China-Mongolia with some Hmong, Philippines, and Vietnam these days.

  6. If you are being followed, NEVER stop!
    I was followed for almost an hour a few years ago. My wife was so afraid and my tunnel vision was such that we never thought to call the police but I did manage to give them the slip because it was at night so I go on the interstate, turned off my lights and sped up two miles to the nearest exit, only used my E brake to slow down (no tail lights) and got back on in the opposite direction and high tailed it home. (Lights back on once I saw he wasn’t getting back on the highway behind me)
    I didn’t want to pull my gun. I wasn’t going to shoot from my moving car. I wasn’t going to stop. I used my car to get away. If they had escalated it to trying to hit my car I’d have had to use my weapon.
    Since then we know to call the police. We always have a couple mags handy and firearm ready to use and I now drive an off road vehicle so if I have to I can just loose them by heading off the road.

  7. San Fran?! No need for firearms for defense, they can just bend down, pick up some poop anywhere and throw it at the criminals. Problem solved ✊🏾👊🏼👍🏽💩

  8. To those saying if anyone defended themselves they would get charged in CA… that’s not true. However, what CA makes difficult is the CCW. But no jury or judge is going to try to get you on murder in those situations

  9. US cities will end up being as bad as Brazil or worse. Our cities turning into war zones. I use to hear city people say, that their cities is not that bad unless you are in the bad parts of the cities. But with the continuing of defunding of more police, the worst of the worst criminals are spreading into the nicer areas. And if you notice, that these perps are carrying more AR's and AR pistols. It's no longer just 9mm's. They too, are trying stay one step ahead of law abiding citizens and the police. So stay safe everyone. It's only going to get worst.

  10. I lived there for a long time. I promise the first one just wasn’t paying attention at all. People there are totally clueless and have zero situational awareness. I’ve never been anywhere where the majority of the people are so wrapped in their own bubble.

  11. And there’s no chance of getting a CCW in the City. I was born there and it’s unrecognizable now, but the leftist politicians keep getting elected by voters. Shame on you!

  12. "44 magnum is the world's most powerful hangun. It'll blow a man's head clean off. Well do you feel lucky, punk?" – Inspector Calahan 'Dirty Harry'.

  13. Theft means "Taking from Your Own Future"
    Take a moment and think about that thieves

    You never steal from another because you actually steal from yourself.

    Whenever you steal you plant in yourself loss. In the present but will show in the future the following:
    Loss of same. You will get stolen from 10-50 times more.
    You lose Things of value to you.
    You argue a lot with people.
    Certain dogs bark a lot in your decrepit presence.
    You go to the store and have to pay more for a lot of the items you want.
    People rightly don't trust you
    You become more depressed.
    Your future offspring are being abused by you as this is the foundation you give to them.
    Things of value break on you.

    You are Foolish if you don't believe that list and feel you got away with something because you weren't caught. You were miseducated.

    Both men and women

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