Exploring Chicago's Ghetto South Side: Where 225 people were killed last year

This might be the worse place in America. Are you kidding me with the violence?

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  1. LOL 😂, if he’d turned south on SOUTH PARK/KING DRIVE he would have seen how beautiful King Drive really is, knowing him he probably did but decided not to film it. WHOA, THIS TOO NICE, doesn’t fit the agenda so why film it; right Nick?
    Yeah, I know your type, you ain’t fooling me CHIEF, I KNOW YOU SAW IT. 😂

  2. Defunding the Police happened with the PAUL RYAN SEQUESTER REPUBLICAN BUDGET CUTS .
    NO Mayor Lightfeet is not liked mainly because she’s FROM OHIO NOT CHICAGO, The Police Superintendent is from DALLAS TEXAS NOT CHICAGO.
    The Gentrification going on in Chicago is HUGE by big-time LAND OWNERS AND BIG TIME REALITY CORPORATIONS.
    Anyone who try’s to change Chicago will be ASSASSINATED. NUFF SAID.

  3. America was always and WILL always be great. What we need is better representation in communities like the South Side of Chicago and people in office who actually care and will put forth legislation to rebuild these once great communities.

  4. Guns and drugs, drugs and guns. It's the same in every major US city. The US has more guns and drugs than any other developed country. I am nearly 80 years old and the dont have much hope for the USA. It is rotting from within

  5. America will never "be great again" until we start making things in America again. Financialization of literally everything and the focused emphasis on the stock price, which has led to the offshoring of anything that could be offshores has economically destroyed vast expanses of our nation.

  6. One of the most hazardous jobs in some of those areas is delivering pizzas. Some companies have maps of delivery areas broken down in sectors: Green: Very safe; Orange: Proceed, but with caution; and Red: No delivery zone.

    You said you were looking for solutions, Nick. One would be to get a new mayor, as Lightfoot is a colossal failure.

  7. Zoning. Zoning is the problem. And too few police officers. And too many officials without ideas. Demolish all abandoned buildings. Build new houses with shops underneath. Make sure the streets are clean. Where there is dirt, dirt is added. Don't build suburbs without shops. People don't need a car to buy healthy food. Build houses up to 4 high. A shop on the ground floor and then 4 floors above. Clothing stores, a butcher, a greengrocer, a small supermarket, a hairdresser. You can organize a weekly market with regional products. Cheap building is the answer. 3 rooms, 90m2, is enough for a family and 2 rooms, 60m2, is enough for a couple to live comfortably. Zoning, officials and people in control determine the policy. They stop everything. They sit on the plush. And never want to leave. Go build. Renew the city. Make it attractive and people will want to live there. Doing nothing is not an option. Building is.

  8. You don’t live in these so called bad areas!! Nor have any real relationship with any residents that can really tell you how living their! Just the white lies and white government lies.. YOU ARE FAKE NEWS FULL OF WHITE FARE!

  9. Harvey is poor with lots of empty lots . Being from Chicago I am not scared as strange as that sounds. Anything after 10pm and your looking for trouble if you go out.

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