1. I am NOT GOING TO BE THAT PERSON…….THAT SAYS HES good guy. …..Hey I'm actually Rochelle Rozario…..police have been called out 3 times

    Mental abuse is NOOOOOOOO joke

  2. I'm from the Bay bumpin this all around the factory I work at in the Midwest Lol 2022 just discovered this JAMMM!!

  3. This has been the first song I listen to when I get to the gym! Super energetic and I love it. I literally did a semester in the Bay Area in 2012 then my heart has always been with the area no matter where I am. Keep up the great work 🙌

  4. Vamos con el año 2022 escuchando este temazo y muchos más mientras tanto olvidando la putaaaaaa pandemia y mirando hacia palante

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