Delta Airlines BRAND NEW A321neo First Class from Boston to SFO

Watch this video to see what it’s like to fly onboard Delta Airlines’ BRAND NEW Airbus A321neo from Boston to San Francisco. Not only that, this flight ended up showing me the professionalism of pilots and airport workers!

This new airplane is designed to save fuel and elevate customer comfort.

This trip in Delta’s new First Class lasted six hours and this video will highlight everything! From what makes the Delta A321neo such a special plane, to the Delta First Class food and seat. We’ll even share the Delta Inflight Entertainment and service.

0:00 Introduction
2:35 Boarding the Delta A321neo
4:36 Departing Boston on the Delta A321neo
7:26 Delta A321neo Jebscore
8:49 Emergency Landing

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  1. Thanks for referring to Cabin Crew's safety role. Often forgotten – they're not just there to smile and dole out packets of nuts. They are crucial in managing escape and passenger safety in the case of a crash or grounding.
    Please treat them as true professionals.

  2. The use of winged chairs is a good idea. Guess they got the idea from colonial winged back chairs.

  3. I love how the pilots and ATC refer to the passengers as “souls”. It may just be airline jargon but it really makes it feel that these people are important and not just “passengers”.

  4. Jees… they asked for how many "souls" are on board. That seem odd, normally a "soul" is associated with a dead person…

  5. Kudos to all the personnel involved. However, every bad mechanical and comfort experience has come on Airbus equipment regardless of the operator. I try to avoid it whenever possible

  6. These pilots are true master classes. They absolutely portrayed this perfectly to the passengers and crew, even if it was a fairly easy situation for them. Well done by them handling the situation all around.

  7. I don't get why this p of s keeps hatting, I have nothing to do with your issues, or I am in the line of work for avation, dont' care how much your making or not 60 dollars a hour or more , I dont' care I don't do it , I work in other places, why don't your mafia take the apprentice job , Key from work said he wishes he went to school for that , give him the job.

  8. I was taking a flight from SFO to DEN on AA flying economy since I didn’t have enough miles for an upgrade. Deciding to take a chance I mentioned you and other YouTubers who do flying reviews and how much I loved their honest reviews. The man at the ticket counter seemed quite excited when I mentioned you and his favorite as well. As he was checking me in and handing me my ticket taking a seat at the gate I noticed he gave me an upgrade. Thank you so much! 😀

  9. This new window walls look's a lot better than the previosly 'toilet seat' like window frame

  10. That’s used to be even smaller that what business use to be, really we should not called that first class, but official rip off

  11. Glad to hear the memory foam was comfortable, at first glance they looked more like normal economy seats than premium in regards to thickness

  12. I’m really impressed with Jeb’s professionalism and honesty. I love this channel and I always get excited when new videos are posted. This video makes me proud how Delta responded to the situation and it just goes to show you why they are one of the best in the skies. Keep up the good work, Jeb!

  13. if the Super 80 and 727 took on a 319 and 320 in a no rules tag team wrestling match, who would win?

  14. I had one unusual flight as well with a bad engine. Everything ended up being fine. Interestingly what rattled me was the alarm going off during the pilot announcement and he said "everything should be fine". I could have done without the alarm and "should" 🙂

  15. Either way the a321 family only uses flaps 3 to land and not normally doing a flaps 4 landing to prevent the chance of a tail strike compared to the a320

  16. Hey jeb what do you use to record your flights and tips for starters that wanna record their own flights

  17. Awesome video!! In my experience, Delta doesn't resolve many issues….. but Airbus should be all over that.

  18. Also the music kinda ruined the takeoff moment tbh. I wanted to hear the engines. Guess they super quiet now huh

  19. I don’t I’ve been struggling to decide whether to fly for Delta or American Airlines. I badly want to fly the A321 aircraft btw (neo can work too). Idk what do you guys think should I fly for delta or American?

  20. Hey Jeb great video! I work for airfield ops at SFO and was the vehicle that followed your aircraft on the runway. I was off the left hand side though. Had I known you were on board, would've definitely loved to say hi!

  21. The professionalism of the pilot's announcement is golden. Basically, to sum it up, "We've got a slight situation but we got this. You'll crap your pants a little but I'll get you there safely. No worries." And he was exactly right. I think when I fly domestic or even international to/from/within the US, I'm going Delta – this video sold me on it. United's customer service bombs and American is too risky. Wonderful video, Jeb – another touchdown (pun both intentional and not)

  22. Thanks for the introduction to the new A321NEO. I appreciate the intelligent and professional way you covered this event, without sensationalizing it. If only most of our media coverage would be so balanced. (Retired Airbus pilot)

  23. Thanks for the review! I pretty much fly exclusively Delta out of EWR and so am looking forward to eventually getting to fly on one of these.

  24. Love seeing air travel getting back to normal!! I like the new configuration of the A321NEO! I also noticed a very cool Pepsi! Happy Traveling Jeb!

  25. All things considered, that was a minor hiccup on landing. Kudos to the crew for their skill and cool professionalism. A side note about breakfast: Airplane coffee is always a crapshoot. I ask the attendants, "How's the coffee?" If they enthusiastically reply. "It's good!' then I'll have a cup. If they respond with, "It's OK," or "Oh, it's fine," then avoid, avoid, avoid!

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