COVID-19: NYC Workers Get Vaccinated or Take Weekly Tests As Delta Spikes | NBC New York

Mayor Bill de Blasio expanded New York City’s vaccine mandate to include all city workers on Monday. Starting this fall, employees who have not provided proof of COVID-19 vaccination must test weekly for the virus.

Unvaccinated workers will have until Sept. 13 to complete their vaccine series or opt for a virus test each week. But before that deadline kicks in, the mayor said unvaccinated workers must wear a mask at work starting Aug. 2.

The new vaccine mandate begins with city employees who work in congregate settings. That group, roughly 45,000 workers, will have to start testing weekly if they have not received their dose of the vaccine by Aug. 16.

“This is about our recovery. This is about keeping people safe, making sure our families get through COVID okay,” de Blasio said. “September is the pivot point of the recovery, September is when many employers are bringing back a lot of their employees. It’s when schools start full-strength, it’s when people come back from summer.”


  1. So, these people that made it almost two years without getting Covid19, NOW get Covid19 because they are full vaccinated? Seems like the vaccinated ARE creating the Delta variant?
    Let's reason together.
    If you can still get or spead Covid19 after getting fully vaccinated, then vaccine passports are for what purpose? You sill have to wear a mask and social distance. Why shouldn't vaccinated people be quarantined like everyone else that can spead Covid19?
    People receiving both shots for Covid19 are dying, FACT. from Covid19, not Covid20, not a different strain but, Covid19 so, we don't like that. We can't let people know that the vaccines are not working 100% so those that die must being dieing from a variant? Yea, that's it, a delta variant. (Silly) Can't let people think the vaccines don't work; The stock market might fall. We can't have all these rich people lose their money they invested in vaccine stocks. What happened to herd immunity? Why can't we rely on being immune from getting the real thing? What, can't make money that way? Oh, I understand….. NOT! Remember when, people were considered conspiracy nuts for saying vaccines will be come mandatory 🤔? Funny, now it is for government workers, military, nurses and so many more if they want to keep their job 🙄 Now you know why people will not take the Vaccine but, I doubt you will listen to the answer. People pushing the Vaccine have become irrational.
    FDA has still not given full vaccine approval 🙄

  2. Countries who don't have the vaccine are begging for it! Their people are begging for it. Why Americans who have everything refuse, even hearing stories of those who got a bad case who don't want it again, baffles me who aren't listened to. Tyranny is telling you, you can't vote! Tyranny is living in a dictatorship! Tyranny is NOT saying get the vaccine or else. You're forcing mandates if not vaccinated. Duh!

  3. Good going! About time! The selfish will never learn. Get vaccinated or be denied. Us vaccinated aren't spreading it! The selfishness and stupidity of the unvaccinated is astounding! Then they moan when they get sick in the overcrowded hospital that has no beds foe hear attacks, car accidents and have to find other other hospitals. Over 600K dead of Covid and people still don't get it!

  4. Question to the democrats on YouTube….. New York just made it mandatory for people to show their Vaccination card to eat inside. Isn't that similar to voter ID? So is that racist too? Food for your thoughts…

  5. On 29 April 1942 the star became compulsory for all Jews from age 6 and up. The star was intended to make the Jews completely stigmatized and excluded. Defiance of the regulation was especially risky because of the meticulous registration of persons and the requirement to carry proof of identification, which was stamped with a ‘J’ for Jews. Jews who were caught without the star risked immediate deportation as criminal offenders.

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