COVID-19 Cases Surging in San Francisco: Officials

San Francisco offered a sobering update about the COVID-19 pandemic Friday by saying very plainly “we are surging again.” Christie Smith reports.

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  1. No…it is all a lie. Prove me wrong. This is government induced medical command-and-control tyranny. Here in CA, we have 6 weeks until a new governor takes charge, Mr. Larry Elder.

  2. All current vaccines does not prevent infection.Vaccines is getting useless with the emerge of delta variant n with future variants. Herd immunity does not apply to delta variant, as the rise of infection in breakthrough cases. Side effects from second dose is already severe for some, what would a booster shots do to them? Until the world come out with a vaccine that actually works, may God help us all.

  3. Vaccines help you to not die. Even people vaccinated against Measles can still catch Measles but it won’t be as bad. Without a vaccine ,your chances are getting very sick or dying form Covid is very high.

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