1. I don't understand immigrants who went to a country without knowing their languages and claimed the territory as their own, what the heck is that…

  2. I work in SF & it is a disease & drug ridden/crime infested sh!thole.
    If.. You're lucky enough to work for a big tech company & make big tech money so you can insulate yourself from the crime drugs & disease..
    Then yay! Good for you!
    Otherwise.. Pro Tips: Don't leave anything in your car & don’t talk on your phone while walking down the sidewalk or you’re libel to get your car windows smashed and/or get punched in the face & wake up to find your wallet & phone gone when/if you wake up.

  3. i moved to sf 10 years ago and didn't know anything about anything. grew up under a rock. I got lost in the city about 15-20 times. Right now I'm looking at every location Conan's standing and I know exactly where he is before he even says it. So trippy.

  4. Wonder if he visited all the homeless in Nancy Pelosi's district with all the crime and drugs. But yeah, Gavin is doing a great job with jobs moving out, ports overrun, illegals getting tax payer provided services, teaching young kids it is ok to chop your body parts off, murder innocent babies. I hope CA falls in the ocean with all the liberals. Its the ONLY way to save what is left of this country.

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