1. Anyone that is not front hat area that support the Los Angeles police 🚓 Definitely got it wrong 💯These police are all crooked they are a gang themselves I know this for A Fact .So what happened to them is a result of there crooked ways 💯😂

  2. Deliberately shooting at Police should be Automatic Excution. Bring back the electric chair

  3. Notice no mention of race (Hispanic). But the second a whlte person(s) is involved, its mentioned everywhere (see recent shootings)

  4. The reason is people are sick of police bullshit. This will happens more and more until police learn who they work for.

  5. probably a deal gone wrong, cops are known to sell in that area. gangs vs gangs, what do you expect

  6. Witness loss a day of work, I'm sure he is just devastated. My grandparents house was right around the corner late 70s early 80s. We used to love going getting food there.

  7. We are at WAR.

    The time has come for the GOOD to FIGHT the EVIL


  8. Sounds like a gang rivalry to me 🤷‍♂️ that’s what happens when you move like a gang (Sheriff and Police)

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