Chicago's top cop continues to blame courts after another violent weekend

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown is adamant that part of the violence problem in Chicago is the fact that violent offenders are being released on electronic monitoring.

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  1. All according to the planners plan, keeping them impoverished, malnourished, undereducated, and in a state of perpetual despair. Then you pump abortion clinics and fire arm into their neighborhoods. Eliminating one person at a time one household at a time. One neighborhood at a time and one generation at a time. While at the same time promoting the willing from their ranks into modern day task master roles to keep the unwilling in their place. The only advice to give is run before the walls come down on your lives.

  2. The problem here is that the law-abiding citizens have not taken up arms and taking control of their City it wouldn't take a f**** hour to get rid of every gang member in that City come on people this problem can be solved an hour's literally

  3. This is the sort of thing that will help Trump get back in office. It really is. I'm not for or against the guy. I don't believe anyone can make lasting changes BUT this is exactly the sort of thing that gets him back in the White House. Just saying.

  4. But capital punishment by lethal injection is too harsh for murder….so I'd rather pay per prisoner 1 million dollars over a 30 year period (33k a year X 30 years) while they contribute nothing to society.

  5. So Cook County judges are saying if you only murdered once, you don't need to stay in jail until your trial. Judges don't know what a "clear and present danger is" from sitting on a bench. Criminal histories of some of these murders are long and extensive and Cook County states attorneys and judges go out of their way to not prosecute. Let's not forget Cook County President Tony Preckwinkle who says too many black and brown people get locked up. If that were the case then stop them from committing crimes by practicing truth in sentencing and send a message, You too Crimeesha Fox

  6. You guys are slipping. That's less killings than last weekend. You guys gotta step your game up if you're gonna end racism by killing off a certain race of people. Let us know if you need more ammo or weapons. We need to reach a solid 100 per weekend guys. Get to it….kill each other.

  7. It's easier to blame others than to take responsibility. What really needs to happen is the people of Chicago needs to stop voting for Democrats. Get rid of the Chief of Police, the Mayor, and the judges; and replace them with qualified people based on their achievements and experience…not their gender, race, or sexual orientation. If an all-white male city leadership can bring balance and justice back to Chicago, then so be it.

  8. Too bad no one that can do anything about it will take action. The democratic communists, led by their Soros bought Foxx are doing exactly what they intend to do – bring chaos to all factions of our culture and institutions. Go look at ANY nation that succumbed to communist rule – it goes down like this EVERY time. WAKE UP! It is not us vs our fellow citizens. It is all of us vs the globalist communist elites.

  9. These people are ridiculous, just be honest and say you have no answer and without implementing marshall law there's no way to keep the violence down but instead they would all rather play the blame game

  10. Defund the police. Instead hire that community civilian force/social workers they want to create. Hire the local young men in the neighborhood to staff those positions,
    Give them guns and training and send them out to do the job.

    WHATS THE PROBLEM?!? Do it. give people what they are asking for.


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