Chicago's top cop blames courts after 70 shot, 12 fatally in weekend violence | ABC7 Chicago

Chicago’s top cop once again blamed the courts after another violent weekend in which 70 people were shot, and 12 of them were killed. Full story:


  1. yay lightfoot…you really know how to kill people….maybe you should create the chicago chapter of the black kkk…called blm

  2. It’s wrong that innocent Americans have to suffer from this type of violence caused by leftist politicians!

  3. Yes, let's teach critical race facts. Teach kids how certain race lives and acts when left to themselves?

  4. Democratic city government and their Socialist agenda gives criminals free run.
    Vote Republican in 22 and 24 to see true changes.

  5. Its called population control. Let the criminals take them self out. And after 2 or 3 years after they kill each other,then they'll go in and take it back over. Don't have to spend money on jail courts welfare program's. And if there's a few innocent people in the middle, just casualties that got caught in the middle. And after every thing has run its course, most if not all will have taken their self out. Its called war with in. Or I could be just crazy.

  6. Solution??? Who cares, it's a Corrupt Blue City in an even more backward Blue state. Animals are more valuable and civil. DemoRats do anything for $$$$. Ask Hunter

  7. THE BLAME IS NOT BEING PUT OIN THE ACTUAL CAUSE !! The architect's of this SOCIAL DESIGN have truly damaged the Global population ! 🤔

  8. He’s right. I don’t know how the police department works under the stress . Mayor Lighthead doesn’t have a clue how to govern.

  9. Legal system, its profitability needs crimes, lots of it. Re-using offenders is just one of the methods.


  11. Mayor Lightaweed: In the spirit of this year’s Olympics we’re going for the gold baby!!! We truly are “shooting” for gold. Hey!!! I thought that was funny.

  12. Trying to make it look like the problem is the mayor and the police chief 🤦🏽‍♂️. That is a “good trick”, I am glad that they are saying the truth in press conferences. And where are all the guns coming from; you have to really ask these types of questions. Cause guns are not the easy to get a hold of, it just does not work like that if you really sit down and think.🤷🏾‍♂️

  13. Policing doesn’t stop crime alone. There needs to be a cultural shift. That’s one of the the hardest things to do, but not impossible. I don’t blame courts. I don’t blame police. I blame America’s obsession with and acceptance of violence. It’s acceptable in all forms of media, in attitudes and beliefs (beating children is ok, owning a gun is ok, fighting is ok). Then people act violently and society gets upset and points fingers at cops and courts. Completely clueless.

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