Chicago Pro 2021 – Entire Line-Up Results

2021 Chicago Pro got much excitement after Roelly Winklaar’s arrival in the show But seemingly Roellly could not get enough time to bring his best. But gave chance to Hunter to win the overall title. There were 15 strong contenders including 4 Olympia Contenders (Roelly, Mohamed Shaaban, Maxx Charles and Hunter Labrada) and It’s entire line up Result..!!!

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  1. Out of all the bodybuilding channels that made recaps about Chicago Pro, I don't remember anyone mentioning Roelly's situation due to lockdown etc, and some even saying it's due to his age, that maybe he's going to retire 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. Thank you for telling the truth and not just bashing the guy like so many other people.

  2. I’m sorry but why is James Culbertson or whatever even on a pro stage toile come on some of this guys make bodybuilding look bAd sorry but it’s true

  3. As much as I think Hunter won fair and square, he NEEDS to watch out for that midsection. It’s a lot wider than it was at the O (you can tell especially in the FDB where it looks uncharacteristically bloated), and considering his relatively poor ab development, if he’s not careful it could ruin his flow.

  4. Hunter should not have won that show. Corruption at its finest again. Bodybuilding shows are so bad now and this line up was very poor. Definitely got 1st and 2nd round the wrong way

  5. There are a lot of channels that do these "show recaps" and a lot of them upload faster than Zem. But Zem does the absolute best and most complete breakdown of all competitors even the ones who get last. I appreciate your content Zem.

  6. Hassan should take a page out of Nick Walker’s playbook and hit the front double biceps with crunched abs from now on. HUGE improvement as soon as he crunched his abs.

  7. Zach Merkel has the most potential on that stage. He is 6 ft tall and looked amazing for his first pro show. If the dude adds a lil more size he is going to make some noise next year.

  8. Brett definitely deserved to win. Hunter had sub par conditioning. Hassan need's to switch coaches. 4th show this year and Aceto still has no winning formula. Hassan is a phenomenal bodybuilder and I look forward to seeing him in peak condition on the Olympia stage

  9. man I was like waiting for this , you make my day with your vids , so thorough you actually care! and you do neat things like comparison same athlete to same athlete and different athlete to different plus cute neon muscle distinctions! I love these videos and I was waiting to see how Joseph Mackey did and it looks like from your pix he got so robbed!!! come on now!

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