Chicago police shoot man during traffic stop; man in good condition

A man was shot by Chicago police during a traffic stop in the city’s Kenwood community area after the man tried to flee the scene. He was hospitalized in good condition.


  1. The title should read " Man with a GUN shot by police" but that isn't inflammatory enough for the media so I get it.

  2. Horrible police department … all of them pig's 🐖🐖🐖 need to be fired and hold accountable for their actions and bought to Justice and put in jail….

  3. Chicago, led by Beetle Juice now, but run by Democrats for decades. They keep voting Democrats into power year after year, and expect a different outcome. Trump offered help, THEY REFUSED. Look at them now.

  4. I cant even say non i wouldve shot him to…probably aim for something non vital but these tings happen so fast mn especially if they are armed…

  5. He survived so the city won’t burn.And his family won’t hit the lottery and he won’t get a statue.

  6. Anyone who dares to live in Chicago, leisure's there or is dumb enough to be walking around without a bullet proof vest and a firearm by their side doesnt deserve sympathy if they become a victim they deserve it.

  7. This reporter is a gang banger trying to start riots. If you are a cop take no more calls and stop going into war zones let the animals take care of themselves and stop watching WGN.

  8. Some people have a gun for their own protection. (For the morans that live in the woods n love to comment)

  9. No details, just " police shot the man". As if cops just go around firing at people. They always have a reason . either defending himself or someone else.

  10. Hahahahaha…
    pig shoot citizen : citizen in good condition
    citizen shoots pig : officer in serious condition awarded medal of honor and suspect charged with attempted murder of a police officer…which btw is WAAYYYYY fkng worse than attemptrd murder on citizen

  11. Good shooting. 99.999999% of police shooting are good shootings. The media and false narratives create bad shootings.

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