1. お久しぶりです!いつもありがとうございます!そしてお帰りなさい。

  2. Can we please stop comparing these beautiful women and just appreciate these two Queens?! They both dominated their and were perfect for the roles and both are very talented and made this film so enjoyable

  3. Nobody is really good in the movie which is so interesting and relatable. I mean even the people are tainted within themselves.

  4. The cut rate is quite mind-blowing: go look at the length of the takes in almost anything by Fred and Ginger, and your jaw will drop.

    Having said that, this is also very enjoyable! Especially if as other posts say here one of them had little or no dancing experience.

  5. I thought the 2020s were gonna be similar to this. Instead I got a global pandemic that took away the final stage of my childhood and the beginning of my adulthood. Also a war in Ukraine because Putin’s a dickhead. I have no man and no job and I just wanna live my life without experiencing anymore problems. Hell I probably just jinxed myself.

  6. They cast this exactly right imho, as Zeta-Jones is clearly way way better at musical theatre than Zellweger, and it makes sense that she would be the one to make it in Vaudeville.

  7. I performed much better than anyone without dance classes, volleyball coaches but however I was famous in other countries not being called a whole even ballroom dancing in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, performing in carnival all over Camden palace raving taking my illicit career to the next level. And never on my time off.

  8. i just auditioned for my senior show yesterday, we’re doing chicago and i auditioned for velma. cast list comes out this weekend so IG WE’LL SEE im gonna shit myself no seriously

  9. 午前十時の映画祭で、映画館にて観ることができました。

  10. Rotten – not for the girls but they should have let the choreography done the work. These girls could have …

  11. People talk about how the villains win but with the constant misogyny I would have said fuck it and done the same as these ladies.

  12. Roxie: Soft. Sweet. Saucy. Sassy. Sexy. Stunning! (^_^)
    Velma: Strong. Succulent. Sturdy. Spicy. Seductive. Spectacular! (^_^)

  13. To think that some cast members in this one had no real singing and dancing experience before that is one of the most mind blowing things about this movie.
    They are on point

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