The guy in the blue jersey is Mel Mula. This is his social media :

Mel__mula instagram
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  1. EF living like that , If I were them I would leave Chicago immediately. They need to understand that there are places where you can live peacefully in a house with a couple of bathrooms have a few cars and a legal way to earn money .

  2. Charlie you gonna get merc'd one day. Real talk bro. The shorties today have no respect for the old timer rules. They like to put holes in people and this is fact. Your Youtube status won't protect you from bullets.

  3. I got to say one more thing to you youngster out there, stop dry snitching on your damn selves!!!!! Stop rapping about your crimes!!! And if your balling don't blast Facebook constant ram with your new whips and jewelry!!!!!! We didn't do that shit back in the day!!!! I don't understand it, cuz you don't want know one snitching on you but you totally incriminate yourselves on video!! I don't want to see you guys dead or in prison cuz that's what the system wants!!

  4. I respect the fact these guys aren't glorifying gang culture like a lot of other youngstas actin like being a gangsta is cool. I understand living in the hood is a whole different animal. I hope this kids rap career blows up so He can get out the streets. Even then it seeMs like these Chi Town rappers have a target on their backs. Boozie said you get sacked in your hood, but Chi Town rappers get sacked in other cities!! Instead of being jealous of these rappers, be proud of them and use them to motivate you to rap!! I love Hip-HopRap and I'm old growing up on Wu-Tang, Nas, Hiero, E-40 and Mac Dre etc etc ANF even tho I don't feel this new rap, if its used as a positive and gets these kids out the streets and making money then all the props to you guys!! Praying for you guys

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