Chicago man plunges into Lake Michigan every day for a year

Tired of being cooped up indoors during the pandemic, a 53-year-old Chicago man has found a daily ritual: plunging into the icy cold waters of Lake Michigan. Dan O’Conor, a music fanatic, uses his daily dives to raise awareness for struggling Chicago musicians and venues. Adriana Diaz reports.

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  4. This has to be one of the whitest interview/news segment I have ever seen. All I heard was a white man doing a mediocre thing and getting praised and applauded for it because he felt uncomfortable during a global pandemic, social unrest and a presidential election😂

  5. Well, why not? It’s creative, controversial, & crazy. Man made a commitment and stuck to it. No harm no foul! Thanks for bringing musicians into the forefront.

  6. ITS THE UNNECESSARY LOCKDOWNS THAT ARE KILLING PEOPLE…NOT SOME FAIRYTALE-"FLEW"(censorship override spelling words in quotation marks are phonetically to prevent comment from being auto deleted)

  7. He should use that discipline and turning something small into something big into a small diet and big weight loss.

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