Chicago – Make Me Smile

“Make Me Smile” is a song written by James Pankow for the rock band Chicago with the band’s guitarist, Terry Kath, on lead vocals. It was recorded for their second album, Chicago (often called Chicago II), which was released in 1970.

DISCLAIMER: No Copyright Infringement Intended. This music is the property and copyright of its rightful owner(s) and I claim no ownership of the song. All credits go to all members of the exceptional band Chicago and its publisher.


  1. My journey through music has only recently brought me to Chicago, but I can say that this song has me hooked. Nobody else has ever truly replicated this sound, and I can only come up with Stevie Wonder as a near-contemporary who came close — although Wonder did differ in that he used the horn section over a funk base, while Chicago used horns over more of a rock base.

  2. Now that the dirtiness of the 'big production' music business practices have come to light, makes you wonder if he was just four years late joining the 27 club.

  3. I like when Terry Kath goes woooohoo and wow yeah he had a soulful voice I think he should have been in a different band or his own band maybe a three piece. His talent is, IMO, unparalleled he had the whole damn package. Life sucks and its definitely worse without him in it.

  4. Awesome. Everytime I listen to this song it blows me away. One of their songs (I won't say which one) was our prom song in high school. Love the horn music. BS&T had some good horn music, too, but Chicago just kept going, like that little bunny. Thank you, we all enjoy this.

  5. the band was never the same after kath died……peter turned chico into a gay band after that……check the gun..check again and if your going to be drinking lock the damn guns up…..Alec baldwin is a good example of gun ignorance

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  7. a masterpiece!!! their music is different and unique and superb. miss Terry Kath's voice and guitar playing. May he rest in peace. thank and praise Lord Jesus Christ. God bless us all!!!

  8. I heard that Prince used to play as a teen Terry Kath's guitar solo lick for lick according to Jimmy Jam. So Prince inspired by the greats. Jimmy it was the thing back then to play that solo from Make Me Smile.

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