1. If Chicago had the same gun laws as Houston, all the bad guys would be dead. Get rid of lighthouse and take back your city.

  2. America has every. Job,food everything
    World is dying because of less food jobs but whats wrong with these guys

  3. And yet mayor Beetlejuice will be re-elected in a landslide because President Trump is a "Racist," and fear of leaving the Plantation.

  4. I’m Black and nothing pisses me off more is some Progressive Lib academic PHD that tries to excuse Black urban violent behavior. You know the type that lives in suburbs and appears on one of those PBS documentaries. They study us like we are an experiment.

  5. These democrats blue states shitholes are going worse by the day. And thank God that criminal Trudeau could be out in three weeks. Long live Red States from Canada.

  6. It’s illegal to shoot people why would it being illegal to have a gun stop anything you people are so lost in the brain it’s scary most shooters be felons they not supposed to have guns anyway

  7. One of my friends who works in Chicago says that it's not all that bad there. He's a tail gunner on a delivery truck!

  8. Equip and pay youth to fly drones and "watch" bad areas.
    Video games in the real world, kids and adults get paid for documented pictures and apprehensions

  9. I'm reading and waiting for anyone of my black readers and commenters that was out there screaming BLM an those that was out there burning, looting, etc where are you now. A 7 year old girl has died over this weekend in a drive by while she was sitting in a car. A 6 year old girl also was hit in the chest and arm now in stable condition. Where are y'all in the streets fighting for them. I guarantee you if it was a cop that shot and hit them ohhh y'all be in them streets sneakers by the door ready. However when you know someone that looks like us do the killing y'all are f in quiet. This is why we as black are laughing jokes of other races. Say these little girls name hell say the names of all the innocent that's been killed by our own I bet you run out of breath. Bunch of oxymorons

  10. I don't mind when sick, criminal freaks purge themselves out, in fact I applaud it. But leave innocent people out of it.

  11. It's technically hard and very difficult for the Chicago PD to police it.

    They're going to have to get the National Guard out.

  12. The Chicagoland is a very dangerous city to go to.

    In fact, I know what's worse like Chicago.

    South Sac and North Highlands in California.

  13. So beautiful, there is nothing more exquisite than the wails of agony from democrats pounding themselves in their own faces. More please! Keep voting for more democrats Chicago, go more leftist, deeper blue you're doing well!

  14. NOTE: Hey Chicago! (and cities alike) You Got EXACTLY What YOU VOTED FOR! As Obama said: "Elections Have Consequences." So live with it!! AMEN!

  15. Yes, while Obummer celebrates his bday with a super spreader, his old town decays exponentially. KIM FOX ANOTHER SOROS INPUT MAKES IT MUCH WORSE.

  16. People in Chicago voted in these nuts so they have themselves to blame. Vote Republican if you want things to get better.

  17. We need to fund more after school calculus programs to keep our little youngsters from shooting each other. 😁

  18. The democrat mayor said violence was down? More lies from democrats and protection by fake news propagandists like ABC.

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