1. Now Beetlejuice can get back to tackling crime instead of her future pocketbook earnings, typical socialist democrat administration

  2. Will the mob make a rebound now ? Because I see the mob starting back up in full effect with this casino opening up! Who's going to be the next Al Capone or O'Banion?

  3. What a bunch of idiots…everyone knows as soon as it opens they're gonna send in the shooters to kill the winners in the parking lot and not attempt to solve your death or lock up the person who murders you Chicago ain't flooding with tourist it's flooding with idiots

  4. $40 million huh 🧐
    I heard that amount of number before $40 billion to Ukrainin🧐🧐🧐🧐
    What with the number 40

  5. Chicagoans… Is This Not A Big Enough Slap Across The Face To Finally Wake Up?! 🥱

  6. Yes let's build a spanking new casino just around the time we have the biggest history of recession. Not to mention in war with Russia and now China yes perfect timing. 😬

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