Chaos by the Bay: The Truth About Homelessness in San Francisco

San Francisco has become plagued by homelessness, addiction, and property crime. In this short documentary, I investigate what went wrong—how one of the world’s most prosperous cities has become a haven of public disorder.

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  1. Some was accurate and a lot of shit said was bullshit. San Francisco does not supply people with illegal drugs second people that come here don’t think oh I’m going there to get away with property crimes that’s bullshit. Unfortunately many people move to California for the climate and unfortunately metal Health drugs and an unaffordable housing is the cause of homelessness let’s talk about mental health because you cannot force anyone into a mental institution ever since Reagan closed down all the institutions in 80s so stop with the bullshit!!

  2. 385,000 humans are born daily – 267 births globally per minute or 4.5 births every second. There are roughly 4,200 different religions on this planet none of whose members believe reality is real. What is it you don't understand about this? There too many human beings on this planet and they are mostly irrational. If you find the hordes outside your condo untenable today, wait till next year when 150 million more irrational rabble join them. Maybe god will save you.

  3. All the people interviewed I can guarantee voted for Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats that have destroyed the city and if they had a chance they would vote for them again because they do not live or have to walk around those areas they live in a completely different world than we do when do we do something about it

  4. San Francisco is doing other major cities a huge favor by hosting these people away from our "Not so liberal cities" on behalf of conservative cities, we thank you San Francisco. Keep up the good work!

  5. This is what happens when you prioritize architectual/historical design over humans. Tear down the outdated buildings and build low income and public housing like most major cities have…

  6. People don't seem to understand. Leftist politics is meant to keep poor people poor and rich people rich and I'm SF it is working as intented.

    Decriminalization of drugs and open borders policies which create a massive pipeline of drugs into our country are causing the utter breakdown of society. Add in decriminalization of theft, elimination of bail, racial policies on recidivist criminals and what you get is a total lack of accountability and lawlessness. People are destroyed and cannot rise from difficulty. There is no consequence for bad behavior, instead incentives replace them.

  7. Did anyone else notice that the cities and states with these problems are BLUE STATES? And these are supposedly the most wealthy states in the US.
    I'd like to see a similar video done in some city in the POOREST states in the US. Red states like Mississippi and Alabama, where low income people still get to live in a free standing home. You know, those places? Oh wait, there wouldn't be much homelessness to show, would there?

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