1. “하나님이 세상을 이처럼 사랑하사 독생자를 주셨으니 이는 저를 믿는 자마다 멸망치 않고 영생을 얻게 하려 하심이니라 하나님이 그 아들을 세상에 보내신 것은 세상을 심판하려 하심이 아니요 저로 말미암아 세상이 구원을 받게하려 하심이라 저를 믿는 자는 심판을 받지 아니하는 것이요 믿지 아니하는 자는 하나님의 독생자의 이름을 믿지 아니하므로 벌써 심판을 받은 것이니라” ‭‭요한복음‬ ‭3:16-18‬ ‭

  2. My sister and I used to watch this constantly back in the day around 04'. I'm glad it's uploaded so I can at least watch it in remembrance as one of our favs together. Great musical, awesome song.

  3. Mit keresek én itt? Azt mondják, a híres lakóm lefogta a férjem, én meg lecsaptam a fejét. De nem igaz. Én ártatlan vagyok. Nem tudom, miért mondja Uncle Sam, hogy én voltam. Próbáltam a rendõrségen megmagyarázni, de nem értették meg.

    How did I find myself here? They say my famous lover (neighbor?) held down my husband and I cut his head off. But it's not true. I am innocent. I don't know why Uncle Sam says I did it. I tried to explain at the police station but they didn't understand.

  4. Who else is here after that girl on tiktok said she would be locked up in her room and only let out in order to preform this dance (and other sexual thematic dances)for her moms "friends"? As a minor no less. Kinda ruined this scene for me lmao

  5. For those wondering, this is actually based off of real life!

    Look up Sabella Nitti, an Italian immigrant who had very little evidence saying she killed her husband but was the only woman to be convicted and sentenced to hanging, while the other women, who had lots of evidence against them, were all acquitted!

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