1. What the Dems didn't plan on is that people will just resign and apply for the stimulus. As if there wasn't already a shortage in the workforce.

  2. You should get vaccinated with the Blood of Jesus! Repent and put your faith in Jesus Christ ! Fear God and not a so called "virus" that has a 99% chance of survival

  3. forcing people to do something they don’t want to, they play with biological organisms to create deadly viruses and leave us to suffer the consequences when they f***k up 🤨

  4. I would be saying some creepy f'ed up stuff as I'm pulling on his shorts just to make it weird😂 my brother is gay and I tell him not to rape me when we fight

  5. Unions and municipal workers who supported, donated and voted for Democrats should be mandated to take the JOVID vaccines.

  6. Total NYC deaths from Covid this month: ONE. And we're back to the masks. And sOmEbOdy is getting depantS in The next elections if this mask tyranny DONT STOP

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