Bruno Fernando 2020-21 Best Highlights | Welcome to Boston

Bruno Fernando 2020-21 Best Highlights | Welcome to Boston

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I am Timi and this is channel about the Boston Celtics. You can find here highlights, analysis, news and more. Subscribe today, watch and comment! All suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Timi you are relentless. Some random dude joins the Celtics? Boom, highlight video! It's absurd how good you are at this. You need to call up NBC Sports Boston and explain how badly they need someone like you on their payroll.

  2. Seems like other than Horford they're going after high energy bigs who can run the floor. Both this guy and Moses Brown fit with a fast paced transition offense.

  3. I notice almost all of these highlights are in garbage-time blow-outs. Maybe Brad see's something worthy of a roster spot. Earlier tonight I heard Sherrod call him a "terrible player".

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