Breakthrough cases: Over 25% of new COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County are fully vaccinated people

In June fully vaccinated people accounted for 20% of all the cases diagnosed in LA County, while unvaccinated and partially vaccinated people accounted for 80% of the cases.

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  1. I'd prefer it if they just stuck to what was said in the beginning which was everyone is going to get covid one way or another and now that the vaccines are out it won't be as bad when you do. But lying to people about the effectiveness and even their existence or hesitancy that started during campaigns has be catastrophic

  2. It's so funny too csuse when you Google the cases in LA they show you the graph over the last couple years and the cases were sky high when around November December 2020 then started to decline right when Biden took office in January and then started going up again as thr recall approaches. You can literally see it just by looking at it.

  3. So if 91 % make up all unvaccinaed hospitalized covid patients that means 9% are breakthrough cases with symptoms so severe they're still in the hospital. Which also means there's a lot more people out there fully vaccinated with covid and don't know cause they're vaccine works better. Covid isn't going anywhere. Vaccine or not. They need to chill out before they produce more variants with these boosters and new vaccines people are coming up with.

  4. Lol how do you know the vaccine is working when there are face mask and restrictions and health and safety in place. and what about the 90% people don’t even need the hospital 60% don’t feel anything and 30% might . So how does the vaccine even helps? And Kerala India has just reported 40,000 breakthrough cases.

  5. Just remember before there is no variants just simple Covid19 virus, now many BREAKTHROUGH CASES AND MUTATIONS. The Vaccines says its the hope to achieve herd immunity now when its purpose is not achieve they say it helps to secure not severe cases because even vaccinated people still get the virus. How can you be sure of the effects of these vaccines after 2, 3, 4, or 5 years to human body. Scientist may be intelligent but remember there are still many things scientist and science itself cannot explain. We must be careful putting lives of our future, our kids and our country economy to this vaccines. Just observe what is happening globally, more and more die and still we cannot understand why the mutations happens rapidly when many are vaccinated

  6. I keep hearing this “but main job was to prevent death”. That is NOT what the story was just months ago…vaccines were the answer was the promise. Stop gaslighting!

  7. I heard Pfizer was given to most first responders and they are, of course, the ones who are being exposed the most. This is why Pfizer breakthrough is higher.

  8. Those percentages in the beginning are based on all people that are vaccinated, not those who tested positive and we're vaccinated? Unless I'm miss sumptin?
    If that's the case the percentage are nunk

  9. Sorry, a friend of mine and her husband both had the double vaccines, both have now been ill for over 4 weeks. Here in the UK a lot of vaccinated people are freely going about their business. Unfortunately our government and health authorities are not reporting on numbers of vaccinated people getting sick with the virus or in hospital 😢

  10. These "Covid Vaccines " are no different than the annual " Flu Shots" ? I have never taken one of those .. Will NEVER have one going forward , either…

  11. Unvaccinated people are responsible for our current inflation they are responsible for the earthquake in Alaska and unvaccinated people are the cause of sunspots

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