BREAKING: Russell Westbrook Traded to Los Angeles Lakers | CBS Sports HQ

Bill Reiter joins CBS Sports HQ to break down the Russell Westbrook trade.


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  1. Labron need all the help can get I believe this man his using some of his own money to get some people he really trying to out do Jordan by getting even 7 just so he can say he is the best when he really not he has no loyalty and respect for anyone but his self

  2. This is like when 5 guys jump 1 guy. How could you even call yourself a champ or a winner if this is what you need to win a ring. Yeah, real champions.

  3. So the "G.O.A.T" gets Russ and* DeMar DeRozan too?
    ….. interesting
    Hopefully the Lakers will get Steph Curry and Giannis too.
    Clearly to be the 🐐 GOAT, you need ALL* the Top players you can get.

  4. Lakers are going to need shooters right now to spread the floor for LeBron James & Russell Westbrook. Both these men need the ball in their hands. Not sure if Russell Westbrook having the ball in his hands will help the Lakers excel.

  5. Nobody going to talk about trash trader montrezl Harrell doing the clippers dirty and then joining the lakers to chase a ring just to lose in the first round and not being traded to a team where he will never even SNIFF a ring

  6. I like this trade.i know everyone saying he can't shoot but other guards don't get easy nights off like they always do against Lakers guards.u can expect 20 plus from Westbrook on nightly basis

  7. The Lakers need to bring back Danny Green! And try to sign Kelly Olynk, Tony Snell, Doug McDermott and possibly JJ Reddick. A rim running shot blocker like JaVale McGee or Dwight Howard would also be a good benefit to the reserves

  8. why do people give the best player in the league a pass for creating this watered-down nba with 2 superteams battling it out every year for the past 10 years?… Lebron and his decisions are literally the epicenter of the boring, cupcake NBA we have today, where superstars feel like they have to team up in order to compete…. Long gone are the days when superstars want to win with as little as possible…. I respect Giannis for sticking it out in a small market and winning, even if he was very fortunate due to circumstance.

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