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  1. In my opinion, they shouldn't have done the weatbrooke trade.. they should have trained schroder the way they wanted, and then try and bring back Javale McGee or Dwight Howard (who are both free agents this year) and tried to kinda recreate last years run in a way.

  2. Yuck! ewww! why not be like other great player out there that carry their team to the championship not the other way around lol. I can't win a ring maybe I really like kevin durant and follow his steps? lol

  3. As long as LeBron and Westbrook realizes it’s not their team because Anthony Davis is the leader of this team because he is definitely way better at this stage in all 3 of their careers, they can definitely go all the way. It really goes in this order of 3 best on the Lakers 1. AD (as long as he is Injury free), 2.Westbrook, and 3.LeBron IMO.

  4. Bro Bradley beal is eating getting super max contracts he ain't worried about a chip just yet he want to establish generational wealth smart man why go to a team that has a 3 headed mega monster when he's already seen the wiz will do anything but take a wiz on him he aint going anywhere anytime soon they will build around him the way he wants the wiz will reward him. Unless moody and kuminga and a couple of second and future picks maybe wiggins or j.t.a also yes breaks the warriors depth but beal is depth lol they would get out the tax but if they are breaking the bank id rather see it for the joker

  5. Say what you want with westbrook but he has something that we are taking for granted, his endurance. he is like a tank that can take lots of load for lebron and AD and as we know that lebron is aging load management should be a priority cause their talent is always there but no matter how talented they are if they are injured then its all a waste.

  6. WESTBROOK " the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT " technician for ANTONI DAVIS , but I like the add on to the TEAM " NICK name that got on him " SWEET LIPS it's just a humble nick name on him I like the guy he is a workaholic athletic

  7. This just reaffirms my opinion of lechina James. He is weak. He can't win anything by developing a team, building aon a strong foundation, like the bucks did this year. He has to surround himself with the best talent in the world in order to win. And even then he can't seem to win. I guess that makes him a loser 😀

  8. Ngl this feels like a failed attempt cause the lakers try to match nets star power this like what the lakers try to do getting Steve Nash and Dwight Howard in 2013 and we all know how that end sadly.

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