BREAKING: Boston Celtics Trade Tristan Thompson For Kris Dunn, Bruno Fernando & 2023 NBA Draft Pick

Boston Celtics Trade Tristan Thompson to the Atlanta Hawks for point guard Kris Dunn and a 2023 2nd round pick following the 2021 NBA Draft. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Thompson will actually head to the Sacramento Kings in the trade. The Celtics will save nearly $3.5 million in salary cap space heading into 2021 NBA Free Agency. Can Kris Dunn provide the Celtics with a defensive minded guard off the bench to spell Marcus Smart? Chat Sports host Harrison Graham breaks down the Tristan Thompson trade in today’s Celtics Today video!

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Tristan Thompson was signed by the Celtics in NBA free agency last season and played in 43 games while averaging 23.8 minutes per game, 7.6 points per game and 8.1 rebounds. Getting Dunn in return in the Thompson trade will provide the Celtics with a guard that is an elite perimeter defender that can get downhill on offense and has some playmaking ability. The Boston Celtics will save roughly $3.5 million in cap space heading into NBA Free Agency.

Full Celtics Trade Details:
Celtics Receive: Kris Dunn (G), Bruno Fernando (F), 2023 2nd round pick
Kings Receive: Tristan Thompson (F/C)
Hawks Receive: TBD

According to Bobby Marks on the Tristan Thompson trade
– Boston will likely create a $7.7M trade exception with this trade.
– The Dunn $4.8M salary will go into the $4.8M Enes Kanter TE.
– They already have a $11M TE that is still available from the Gordon Hayward s/t.

Celtics fans answer the following questions in the comment section:
– Confidence-level in the Celtics’ current roster?
– Name a player the Celtics should sign in free agency!
– How do you feel about Thompson being gone?
– Who won the trade?

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  1. Four years ago the celtics had a pretty decent team, and then danny ainge had to go screw everything up, starting with (Hayward), who got hurt immediately, and came back the following year as a scared jack rabbit who never got involved in the offense whatsoever, had maybe 3 games where he actually scored some points, and actually had to come off the bench he was so bad…
    Then ainge really went off on stupidity, getting (irving), who wanted to be the one man show, told ainge he was coming back, only to jump on the first train out of boston headed for the nets..
    And then he gets (walker), which was probably the stupidest thing he ever did, because he never could stay in any lineup because of his already hurt knee before he even left charlotte, but danny ainge got him anyway..
    Those 3 moves destroyed boston in 4 years period of time, and the team just got worse every year after that……
    The celtics have needed a bonified big man who can shoot, play defense, and rebound, (for years now), and ainge did absolutely nothing about it, never even looked for one, and we needed it badly.. And he should have known that, being that he played with (robert parrish) who helped the celtics to championships back in the days.. Weve also needed a good reliable point guard to run the team, can shoot, and play some defense, but walker and irving were far from reliable.. So here the celtics are 4 years later with only tatum and brown on this team, who are two very all star type players with nobody around them at all..
    Now comes the brad stevens era of celtic basketball, and though im anticipating and hoping for better things to come, so far ive heard nothing about any big men or point guards so far that stevens might be interested in trying to get..
    The celtics cant win with marcus smart at point guard, or pritchard, and williams isnt a true center, nor could he handle the every game brutality..
    In all actuallity, the celtics have very little when it comes to even having any bench players who can step up.. ojeleye and grant williams have done nothing, and dont belong in a NBA uniform, and taco fall is a complete joke who they must be keeping around for the clown show endings.. other than that, the celtics have (nothing on this team),and its been embarrassing to say the least over the past four years…….
    Ive been a celtics fan for over 60 years, seen the good with the bad, and always loved the celtics, but this past season i gave up on watching them play 70% of the time because they were so bad.. they would beat a good team by 20, then lose to 3 nobody teams by 20 or more it was beyond fustrating.. im sure hoping for better things to come, otherwise i wont be watching again this year…..

  2. Hawks had no size off the bench. The bucks killed them on the glass. That's y they traded for him, pretty simple imo. don't know who won but it was a good move for both teams.

  3. Robert Williams is developing into a very good center and should be the starter. Bruno has never been given a chance to prove himself. Celtics might let him go. I wish someone would break down the strengths of the coaching staff. Too many players with great potential have not been coached well. The Celtics have only traded away two players and received four in the two trades and added three others! Brad has a lot more work to do. This trade seems like a win for each team involved.

  4. I agree with you about how confident you are in the Celtics roster. I'm sorry but 7 out of 10 Isn't good enough. Brad should be acquiring guys that make Boston intimidating to play against. Kris Dunn Isn't good enough. It won't be long before Boston is trading players once again. This organization makes me mad.

  5. If you're interested, I've broken down all of the problems with Dunn's jump shot and the ways in which they can be fixed in this video, below, but as I don't exactly have the capability to send it to 6.84K subscribers, lol, would you mind sharing it on Twitter, and wherever else, for me? I realize that I'm probably asking for far too much, here, but I'm just trying to see that it finds its way to the right people, so to speak, as I'm honestly just doing everything within my limited means to at least attempt to help the guy out, especially as CT doesn't exactly produce a lot of homegrown NBA players, so I just want to see him do well, out there :).

    Thanks for your time, as I really appreciate it :).

  6. this guy doesn't have a clue when it comes to the Celtics bigs. Horford is the passing 3pt shooting big. Williams is a beast if you actually watch the games 9 Blocks in one game one of the best rim protectors and moses destroyed us last year and could be the next big thing. The backups are potential starters and great ones at that

  7. Good trade but I think TT is getting bad treatment for this season… when he got to Boston I’m sure he was thinking the chemistry/locker room issues weren’t what they were once he peeped the C’s were on some BS he checked out… I don’t blame him

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