Brazen shoplifting video in San Francisco becomes issue in California recall

The latest video of retail crime at a San Francisco drug store coincides with an appearance of a Republican candidate for governor in the city for a press event where he knocked Gov. Newsom for being soft on crime.

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  1. So can any ethnicity go there and do FREE SHOPPING? Hmmm ? USA you're a joke to all the world ….. think about that. It can be stopped but ppl here just take it… wow….

  2. Shoplifting should have a minimum sentence of 5 years plus they should be forced to pay it back. It shouldn't be a misdemeanor anymore. Lock them up

  3. Who raised these kids that have no ethic ? They probably go bragging about their SHAMEFUL behavior when they should be embarrassed to stoop as low as they are…

  4. How does the saying "CRIME DOESN'T PAY" supposed to mean ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING when (in San Francisco "IT DOES !
    If you are in the country illegally; If want to get high on drugs and sell them and not have to worry about going to jail; If you want to get away with robberies and burglaries by not going to jail when you get caught, even if you put hands in a cop; "Go to San Francisco" !

  5. Then these low lives complain when cops shoot or arrest them. Hahaha. Funny as hell. People do not feel sorry for you.

  6. keep increasing taxes… and which can be used to increase more task forece.. and spend more money.. billions trillions.. but don't touch the thief's..

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