1. Doesn't matter where you came from, GTA V or any other types of media. As long as you like Boston, you have good taste in music.
    gatekeepers are posers

  2. Still playing this song real loud! Check this out..at stanza 4:00 min., turn it up a little, then at 4:20 turn it up a little more, then finally at 4:35 plow your speakers out and be totally at "Peace of mind"…

  3. Und was bekomme ich dafür das Raumschiff⚠Bernsteinzimmer habe ich schon und ein #BenediktXVI hat nur noch seine Roten Schuhe und die frage ist ob ein #QueenElizabeth nach Brief Vg.283/2014 die 🔱 behalten darf wie gesagt ich gebe euch ein Feuerwerk AFFA 666

  4. Ouvia muito na rádio 90 96 97 e sempre lembrava da série supernatural.eu posso assistir qualquer filme e série mais minha preferida vai ser supernatural.adoro muito voçeis.abraços.😎😉🤘✌🙏😊.

  5. Can you imagine a modern rock band that could write a melody this good? Seems like a lost art that went away after the turn of the century.

  6. This one's for cooking time gal .I don't want to be special I jus want to be treated with respect and validated ( even thou I am a honest hothead ) some people that preach need to grow and look at then selves too .healing prayers for the wounded .now I am off to live in the present .and enjoy the now .it what matters most .

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