Boston – Greatest Hits 1976-1997

Band: Greatest Hits 1976-1997
Album: Greatest Hits 1976-1997
Year: Compilation, 1997

00:00:00 01. Tell Me
00:04:04 02. Higher Power
00:09:11 03. More Than A Feeling
00:13:55 04. Peace Of Mind
00:19:00 05. Don’t Look Back
00:24:56 06. Cool The Engines
00:29:33 07. Livin’ For You
00:34:30 08. Feelin’ Satisfied
00:38:42 09. Party
00:42:50 10. Foreplay – Long Time
00:50:38 11. Amanda
00:54:54 12. Rock & Roll Band
00:57:54 13. Smokin’
01:02:16 14. A Man I’ll Never Be
01:08:49 15. The Star-Spangled Banner – 4th Of July Reprise
01:11:34 16. Higher Power (Kalodner Edit)


  1. Loved this band back in the day A huge fan was hoping to see them play live with this album and then became greatly saddened to hear of the leaders fate Trully heartbreaking 💔 with the loss of such a great talent when the lyrics have it so right each chapter of my life Still one of my go to albums

  2. There are very few bands that have their 1st two albums that can be their complete greatest hits! Every one of those songs on both of those albums were hit worthy. Those albums were pure audio orgasms

  3. I grew up loving the Beatles and Boston. They are irreplaceable. Music today does not compare to the music that these bands graced us with and were fortunate to have experienced. Brad Delp was the most genuine rock star who had the most amazing voice. Thank you to Tom Scholz for his insight and intelligence for assembling and engineering the band Boston. Just listen and you will be mesmerized. ❤️

  4. What about Boston? The first two albums … UNBEATABLE in every way! Everything else, in my humble opinion … just recycling the former! Too bad! So many talents in the group, but I guess they immediately reached the top, and more than that just doesn't work. Anyway, I adore them !!

  5. Its 46 years since More than a feeling was released in Rhodesia. And its 24 years when Boston Greatest Hits was featured on Radio 3. Architecture + Heavy Metal, the perfect combination to stay glued to the drawing board until midnight this Sunday, 3rd October 2021. Somewhere in North Atlantic, this CD is a pleasure to listen to. Thanks for this compilation!!!
    (Harvey Bufe Partnership, Chartered Architects)

  6. Ésta banda te contagia con su aura alegre y efusiva, "It's easy" y "Amanda" son las mejores canciones de ésta legendaria banda 🎸🎧

  7. En 1976 comencé a escuchar rock y estás canciones de Boston fueron las primeras que disfrute y me sigo deleitando.La voz del sr Brad Delp es excelente y no sé qué están esperando los críticos y expertos para incluir a esta banda, de calidad inigualable al salón de la fama del rock en Estados Unidos.

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