Boston – Full Concert – 06/17/79 – Giants Stadium (OFFICIAL)

Boston – Full Concert
Recorded Live: 6/17/1979 – Giants Stadium (East Rutherford, NJ)

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0:00:00 – Rock And Roll Band
0:03:30 – Shattered Images
0:07:15 – Peace Of Mind
0:12:50 – Feelin’ Satisfied
0:17:32 – Don’t Look Back
0:23:40 – More Than A Feeling
0:34:53 – A Man I’ll Never Be
0:42:11 – Smokin’
0:45:18 – Smokin’
0:50:53 – Solo
0:55:15 – This Time
1:00:42 – Foreplay/longtime
1:10:25 – Something About You
1:14:04 – Party


  1. Just at the corner of the Reagan years: "Kids, just say no to drugs. But if you say yes, please be sure to end up as a bass player for some good ol' rock 'n roll band!"

  2. These guys don't get the credit thet deserve: predating Van Halen by 2 years, they set the tone for soooooo many bands to follow with the guitar sound, the heavy ballads, production, and yes, Delp's vocal style! 🙂

  3. The late 60s 70s is the Renaissance of rock and roll will never ever be another time in the history of the world where the music is so good and fresh the start of a never-ending era people still listen to this music the music nowadays is crap

  4. I ❤ and miss The Original Boston band members a lot! they put me thru high school being a HS Freshman when the 1st album just came out.. Godspeed 🙏Sib Hashian, Brad Delp I’m saddened from their lost another Reunited Tour would of been Great Tom Scholz!!!!!!!! That was my wishes for Originals getting back together like Deep Purple(1984-1993), UFO (1996-2001) Foghat (1993) and MAYBE JUST MAYBE a Boston Reunited but EGO gets in the way…Orion the Hunter was a Great Group Fran Cosmo in 1987 Boston 3rd stage Tour shared vocals with Brad. and Barry Gaudreau is still an EQUAL Guitarist for Boston and solo albums…Fran Sheehan was a Hard Core Bassist. And Sib Hashian was a Bill Ward, Ian Paice type drummer. yeah I WAS Huge Fan. now I don’t know who’s in the band anymore keeps changing, except Mr. Perfect Scholz…

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