1. This song brings back so many great memories. Tom Scholz inspired many listeners including myself to play guitar. This band is truly one of the best of all time.

  2. When your name is Tony Soprano, and you are laying in bed, Phil Leotardo comes to talk business, but you don’t want the FBI to hear your conversation.


  4. This song is the complete definition of EPIC, lets go back to the 70s. What really grinds my gears is there has been NOTHING close to this in the last 40 years or so. We lived through the greatest age of music, we had everything without knowing music was dying. Every other song on your local FM Rock station was 1000 percent better than the washed-out shit coming out today. What's at the top of the chart today Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, WTF? How did this happen?

  5. Boston’s debut LP is THEE quintessential classic rock album of all time . Pound for Pound , dollar for dollar, song for song , it has all the others beat . . Including the Zeppelin albums and Van Halen’s momentous debut . This is IT . KING of the classic rock albums 👑

  6. Got to be the best album ever !!!!!!!! Thank you Tom, I am 65 and still love this album !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. When I was in high school, Boston was the bomb, we loved that music back then. I still love Boston when I am in the mood, I have 3 of their albums on vinyl. Great music that brings back fond memories of when I was young. I am 59 years old and still love this music !

  8. One of my favorite things about human history is that one of the rockingest fucking bands to have ever existed were a bunch of nerds.

  9. Una delle mie preferite,grazie a mamma che da piccolo mi faceva ascoltare il loro LP ,oggi per me è ancora la miglior rock band di sempre.🇮🇹♥️🇺🇲

  10. My son and I are truck drivers. I prefer the long haul but he likes to work short and regional hauls. Yesterday, he was complaining about the traffic in one of Alabama’s larger cities. This song came to mind so I sang the refrain to him and told that’s how we have to look at what we do. He laughed at my singing. Don’t need him or anyone else to tell me not to do a Boston tribute album!

  11. At age 15, I bought this album mid-70’s for 5 bucks to have a copy of ‘More than a feeling’. Listened to the whole album. I’ve been at peace ever since.

  12. This and Spaceship Superstar by Prism would be the songs I would want to be shot out into outer space with. The build up to the quiet part is like the countdown 1:54 is the start of elevation, and soon as it kicks in, it's like, FLOOR IT OTTO!

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