1. I guess I'm older than most fans that have commented, because I bought this album when it was first released. I bought the first album not long after it was released. Their debut album…..

  2. 2:01 this riff is one of the BEST in the history of rock and with dual guitar harmony. KILLER.
    Had to be at the beggining like HOOK. Its a waste in a chorus. My opinion. I know appeared again after. But deserves the best song. One best that this one. Because ITS ELITE

  3. I saw this band live in Amarillo, TX. I was blown away that they sounded as good live, as they did on their album. That's how I judge bands. Do they need electronics to sound. This band didn't need any help to sound great.

  4. Magnificent track. What times were those when there was very good music created with the head and made with the hands and feet.

    Many musicians of today learned the musicians of that time.
    Greetings from the south of Spain, happy new year 2022.

  5. Fran Sheehan, Barry Goudreau and Sib Hashian were part of this unique sound..without their contributions the band wouldn't be around..Boston just wasn't 2 musicians..people seem to forget that.

  6. Can anyone imagine a world without Boston? That would be a sad world. No More Than A Feeling, Peace Of Mind, Don’t Look Back, Amanda, Foreplay/Longtime, Smokin’ and the rest of those awesome songs. Brad Delp had the voice of an angel. I wish my voice was that good.

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