1. Music to describe the life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…you'd have inherited car problems one would have to straighten up and go use a land line to get help, or the stranger would drop what they're doing to come help. Genuine soles which leave us all life is temporary, so love yourself for what it worth and be congenial to the other germs in the great Petrie dish, for the ride is temporary like social norms imposed upon us all…Remember your elders, and be grateful for a civilization can never go backwards as long as there's children in the world!!!! Tempo and rhythm move the masses to caring concensus for us all. 70's was a blend of flower power, folk, blues, rock and motown.
    Let's go take care of ourselves. Before you can love others…Cheers!

  2. I saw them once at day on the Green in Oakland Coliseum. That was an epic rock Fest and it was like one big giant party and there was standing room only. I remember some guy I didn't even know bent down and pick me up and put me on top of his shoulders so I could see the band on stage. Everybody was passing joints around and having a great time in the Sun. People aren't that friendly anymore and I miss those good old days.

  3. This is for me one of the best ROCK ALBUMS OF ALL TIMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  4. Your first album takes your whole life to write, rewrite, rehearse, play live, work, rework and sweat before you record a note, and it had better be good. Your second album had better be in the stores and on the radio in 9 months, and it needs to be even better than your first one. For thousands of singers, duos and bands that didn't happen. They were called "one hit wonders" and they were gone. For the few like Boston who had something more, they remained. How rare an accomplishment and how special that is.

  5. When you buy an LP (Label plate) album, it tells the group that you belong to. It differentiates you from others (helps to determine the group you belong to).
    Nowadays when you have a CD or DVD nobody sees it and nobody cares. Thanks to the new social media where people know more about music and musical groups.
    The music of BOSTON still sounds like in the early days. It is like traveling back in time. Ithank you guys.

  6. "What ever happen to Boston" Answer. Life happens. "Dont look back". that being said, I cant help violate that rule of day by day and have a nostalgic moment when I still think was great orchastrated music. well structured. lifts, bridges and hooks and not just a repetative chorus that music is today. music tells a story. it's a mini opera. Anyways, I hope all the band members are rocking strong through life.

  7. On my (English) side of the Pond, I seem to recall the late ‘70s / early ‘80s being a time of punk, new romantic and disco. Thank heavens I had access to a great record library and was able to discover the likes of Boston, Heart and REO Speedwagon.

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