Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat Full Game 1 Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Playoffs

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  1. Feels like this highlights are more Celtics 😂 than Miami, you counting the Miami heat out?

  2. Remember people dissing and calling Tyler overrated at the beginning of the season. Really shutting all the haters up now 🔥

  3. Celtics gonna switch everything with Horford and Smart back in game 2, Heat gonna get clapped with a full healthy Celtics starting 5

  4. Please dont put the picture of the wining team player on the title bcz im wtchng witout knowing who honna win the match plzz:(

  5. I think its too early to say Celtics slip, u seen how many times celtics defense block the shots/ dunks. I think game 2 is gonna get tight as hell

  6. Support whatever team is left, they all deserve a ring, except Suns & Grizzlies, glad they're eliminated

  7. Heat win a fierce pass game 1 of 7 against the Celtics whom loss control of a first half fast pace,only to explode with to many turn over, which cost the game….

  8. It looked competitive until MIami turned it up. Boston is going to have to keep that early momentum if they hope to hang in there this series.

  9. I see Butler as a war chief here.His D is as good as his O.Hero is one. Celt's just get it done for some reason this season.

  10. See? It is like the all stars. If people were defending it would be more interesting

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