1. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have forgotten about a band with two of the 20 or 30 biggest selling rock albums of all time.

  2. Uma das músicas mais lindas e um dos solos de guitarra mais emocionante na minha humilde concepção.

  3. Not only is this band and always will be awesome in my life but this song just tears it up 64 years old going through a second divorce after 38 years smokes

  4. My husband sent me this song while we discussed divorce I knew the man he was when I married him I miss him and hope he finds his peace and happiness. I just wanted to build his confidence not cut him down.

  5. Majestically sublime. Songs like this are transcending and can become an emotional roller-coaster. Thus it was with Brad Delp:(

  6. Tom Sholtz a frigging Genius. Tom I love u bro. Your music sounds like it was recorded yesterday. I will always love u guys. I try to blow my speakers with u guys.

  7. Why this kind of beautiful song never reach everywhere??
    Why all people can't love this song?☹

  8. I listen to this because my daughter hates me now cause I'm weak and I'm scared I'll never be the father she needs

  9. I saw them at a concert in Va. sometime in the late 80s, and they were amazing! The music geniuses they were, they were promoting “third stage” and played the entire album from front to back. Enjoyed it immensely! But they were not through. Then they played all their old music too. More than a feeling, Long time, and many more. The whole crowd was standing and applauding. Needless to say they were blown away. So was I. And Brad Delp’s perfect tone and vocal range. He at least sang in 3 or 4 octaves. And to beat it all, Tom Scholz had a broken arm in a full cast, but he didn’t let that bother him. He played lead and rhythm guitar, and the keyboards too. With a broken arm!! Always will be one of my fav bands. I know some of you might not agree but my pick for #1 on the charts was always Journey and the boys. They had the best harmony of any band ever. I’m not taking away from Boston cause all of

  10. Many people I talked to when I was in high school criticized Boston because there songs were too Bostonish, which back then meant all their songs sounded too much alike. We’ll I NEVER thought so myself. Matter of fact, I think they were AWESOME and one of the best rock bands ever. fm the word go!!

  11. Love this song my husband singed this song all the time he was the best husband ever I lost him 3 months ago loved him so much and at the end he knew how good he was we was married 41 years miss him so much

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