1. Murder is what you get when MS-13 gang members are let into the country Illegally via the southern border and their transport all across the country is facilitated, then when they commit crimes they aren’t prosecuted but if a cop does his job to stop them the cop is prosecuted! Why should good Cops risk life, limb & prison for a system that’s obviously & clearly been hijacked?….

  2. Lol they don’t have the funding, every alphabet takes away from my check weekly, they have to much funding , everyone blaming each other, why is the police chief complaining? Why is the mayor , still the mayor? These folks are getting away with murder, just like the criminals. ✌️❤️ folks, try it.

  3. Remove the option of bail for violent offenders, give them no bail at all, keep them locked up till their day in court and then let the courts put them in prison for life, problem solved. When criminals realize that their actions will get them incarcerated for life, they'll stop what they're doing. But for as long as people see no consequences for their actions and watch 85% of murders in Chicago go unsolved and have for many years now, these guys ain't gonna stop shooting and killing. Chicago is a mess in so many ways. Out-of-control gun violence, astronomical high rates of homicides, chronic unemployment, billions in unpaid police and fire department pension plans, trust in police and city government at an all-time low, a broken public education system, falling infrastructure, massive economic upheaval on all fronts, carjackings, armed robberies, and neighborhoods in turmoil. It's craziness. I would not wanna be mayor of that city and thank GOD I don't live there in Chicago or anywhere in Illinois for that matter.

  4. Chicago police department and artists are being voodooed by somebody in Chicago who envied them for their Idols. He is sinister and is doing witchcraft on purpose in Chicago.

  5. Chicago is literally becoming a real live GTA server. When you commit a crime and get busted all you face is a fine and a decorative "tracker".

  6. This is the Dems fault defunding the law death sentence would put a halt to all this start shooting back to take the creeps out they wouldn't be committing these crimes

  7. Your goint to get theses poor civilians killed. how about supporting your police and backing them up when they go out and the job they are trained for and sighed up to do. Real police work is not pretty, it offends some, you local government and you are in fantasy land. the guns are here…trying to stop guns from coming into the city. that train has left the station. its time to take the thugs done. i think your a certified cop take a radio car and your mayor council people of the district they represent and hit the streets, NO protective detail just two city officials answering calls and listening to the people. no have hour segment i mean a shift. see how scared the people are and how restricted your cops are.

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