AC/DC – Safe In New York City (Official HD Video)

Official music video for “Safe In New York City” by AC/DC now in HD!
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[Verse 1]
Hello, baby, give me your hand
Check out the high spots, the lay of the land
We don’t need a rocket or a big limousine
Ooh, come on over, baby, and I’ll make you obscene

I feel safe in New York City

[Verse 2]
All over the city and out of the dives
Don’t mess with this place, it’ll eat you alive, yeah
Got a lip smacking honey to suck out the jam
On top of the world ma, ready to slam

I feel safe in New York City

[Verse 3]
Moving all over like a jumping bean
Take a look at that thing in the tight-ass jeans
Coming your way now, you may be in luck
Don’t you fret boy, she’s ready to buck

I feel safe in New York City

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