1. God Bless America
    Donald Trump a damned Man, especially because his Christian beliefs. Yeah can be perceived as racist because of a large group of his followers are racist but sin is sin. The problem here is not how he’s gotten away with everything the problem is some of the things he stands for like Christian beliefs like abortion preserving the closest thing to God which are babies. Ima democrat because of a lot of others reasons but just how the Devil moves in the right wing, he moves in the left as well, with removing prayer from the schools stopped every child in America from east to west early in the morning from praising. Then boom school shootings. A country under God removing prayer praise from schools , remember “ God Bless Americaaa Land that we Love stand beside her and guide her ……… we’ll anyone with a little catholic or Christian or Muslim knowledge or in fact any religion that believes in God know that where ever there is praise the Devil can’t tolerate it and has to bounce vanquished from the presence of American children! where two or more join in his name the presence of the lord is there which means demons have to bounce, skiddadle right? Then u move that out of schools and guess who comes in schools shooters acting as vessels for demonic satanic entities. Wake up and see.

  2. The republicans are babies clearly, they are children. How in the world are they in office. They are weak! They are privileged! They are assholes for making us wait because the are babies and don't know how to evolve and GROW UP! SERIOUSLY WE HAVE CHILDREN IN THE REPUBLICAN OFFICE! ITS BECOMING CLEAR HOW IMPORTANT WE ARE. CLEARLY NOT EVEN IN OUR MOST PRECIOUS FORM AS A CHILD, DO THEY CARE? That's SCARY DON'T LET THE REPUBLICANS BABY SIT YOUR KID!

  3. See every time anything goes down she's listening to this nut ball he's heckling Governor Abbott I'm in a wheelchair too I can identify with all of you we need to change the law of Governor Abbott this is on your hand all this crap and all of these people that have committed any type of atrocity such as mass shooting of the loss of life that by their hands they were just as upset is these people that I see come up with all this rhetoric controversy pointing the finger playing the blame game someone has to pay as if the 21 passed away has not paid enough as if the grandparents and parents of these poor innocent children are not still paying until the end of their lives I am going to shut the very next one that I hear blame it anyone without speaking love and such great atrocity of loss of so many innocent unbeknown unsuspected I was bushwacked I was blindsided in murder I'm not we need to change the law we need something to be done going to have it this is on you all of you parents and grandparents you should have talked to your children to be more cautious what is the difference you parents of these children just doing all these crimes and buying guns and killing people what is the difference shut up what can we do Africa's waiting they're hungry too talking about God is left us you are God your blessing will come from another God is not coming to save your raggedy ass you don't have to save your raggedy ass so as long as you sit on your ass you not going to say that m********* all the river dried out we drank up all the water and it's all evaporated we're going to sit God is forgot about us you damn right if that's what you expecting you better get off your potato and get on some ideas man that's going to leave some more ideas is going to create a legacy for that whole entire village do as Jesus did we are creating the image of the kid of God now do us unto others as you are willing to have done unto you it emulate the spirit of God the role that we have had left to follow biblical instructions before leaving Earth or I will come out swinging and you will block me off every of these channels

  4. Well a person lie but go off it is too much inflation leading to too much conversation of a negative aspect in all these influential little young small undeveloped Minds you never know what could happen for a person to want to kill so many innocent people unsuspecting I mean that where is he getting all the money to purchase tactical gearing to AR style 15 that don't seem to be hurting too much for money this little 18-year-old is purchasing things I only dream to have because when I get the money I know better than throwing it away on something that's going to sit in the closet I have no reason for SKS rifle this season in my life I'm not angry enough to want to do any harm to any animals or anything I'll eat a wild boar piglet smoked on some hardwood on the grill but I don't want to kill him I don't want to cleaning I don't want to see any of that I just want to eat I'm good Smoky tasty flavorful meat I don't want to kill the poor thing oh man I am against that if I really just pay attention off it's too much meat already been slaughtered and up for sale to be killing that's all I used to stress I was so against killing when I was walking I have my company I was doing so good I love life so much everyday I will praise God people hated me still to this day that makes me feel real bad too however it never makes me want to go kill people but it makes me want to stay the hell away from people if it has become a major distraction now that I am in this wheelchair I don't care any longer what people think to no avail what the hell it was a waste of my time distraction of my mind is keeping me in polished every time poverty sucks anytime

  5. Tell me something what is changing any of the laws if you made a person wait until they're 35 before the first be able to purchase anything what's that going to stop there are laws against murder capital murder to kill an individual of your age that just speaks to a whole nother level of ignorance anger rebellion oh everyone knows that shall not kill you know that shall not steal but if you do end up killing is because you were angry and you have no regard for the law or the word of God if you want probably the laws of the calls top flight security serenity now

  6. 😶🤔🤨
    Excuse me, but what do you suggest be done all you people are barking all these orders and trying to spark the crowd and lead the troops but I don't hear you suggesting anything you're just doing a lot of exciting the riots exciting the crowd talking about we're going to take a stand right now you're not going to be there when the bullets start flying the very next time are you if you're at your job oh wow these people have all the ideas but they know nothing what is going to stop an individual for me coming upset and wanting to kill regards for no life just to kill will kill their own parents and will kill you too what can you do what can one do we'll wait a good grief Charlie Brown these are clowns standing up trying to be heard for social media this is way more serious than this you go speak to one of those fallen grandparents or parents children that's right they can no longer answer now that is the frustration and feeling the anger you have no course of action shut up if you have no answers all this excitement while people are hurting inflation has deflated us nonetheless the 21 victims has added to the Carnage 💔🧎🏾‍♂️👀🤦🏾‍♂️

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