2022 NBA Finals: Boston Celtics vs Golden State Warriors [MATCHUP PREVIEW] | CBS Sports HQ

Former NBA Coach Avery Johnson joins CBS Sports HQ to preview the NBA Finals matchup between the Celtics & Warriors.


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  1. Glad I didn’t see those two CBS “analysts” who called Jordan Poole the worst pick in the draft.

  2. Warriors are the underdog here.Don't see how they'll overcome Boston….Boston will get too much easy baskets.Dramond will get in foul trouble easy.Bostons weakness right now is the fatigue… will they recover fast enough.The fatigue will keep stacking up it might effect them at some point and the refs… i don't see the refs will be helping GSW either.When i look at the whole picture.I give a slight edge to the boston celtics.If the GSW pulls this off somehow.Steph Curry will definately be in the legandary category..right now he's right at the doorstep.

  3. It will be interesting to see how ghe Celtics play with some rest, they have to be exhausted!! Also can the warriors handle the physical defense, i feel like the east brings a different type of game GS hasn’t dealt with.

  4. Hope Boston fights they have the players and talent ,
    Many weapons , but they have to play better.

  5. Guys I'm a warriors and all I have to say is GSW have to be really really really extremely careful! Cuz I don't know why but I really fear the Celtics! I was hoping for the Heat to get to the finals to but….. If warriors want to win they have to make a huge gap at the really beginning! If they play with the "Chill attitude" and not take this Celtics team seriously, I guarantee you guys, we gonna regret it more than the 2019 nba finals. For this celtics team it's their first time apparence in the finals, people may say that the dubs have experience for multiple apparence in finals and multiple title, they are going to win easy! But for me it's an advantage and désavantage at the same time, sometimes u get too confident about your winning that you won't take things seriously! The celtics are coming with Killing mentally, so dubs plzzz win this series, I'm gonna pray for you Dubnation we have to win this

  6. Klay needs to be consistent? Don’t you mean Boston? Of course this could explain how you lose round 1 as a 1 seed fully healthy in 6 games.

  7. CBSSports puts on a good show. They went straight into team analysis and matchups for their NBA Finals commentary. No distracting and boring chit chat about players personal issues or silly gossip talk like they have on that other sports channel that starts with E.

  8. I have got really disappointed by Boston this postseason, and specially in this series against Miami. If there is something that got injured in this series it was the ball. How they treated it poorly. It looked like a team that didn't want to win (Celtics) versus a team that didn't want to lose (Heat).

    The Warriors on the other hand really impressed me this postseason. They are up and going for the first time they got their trio healthy, which only happened in the playoffs. And their defense in this postseason, that's the real deal!

    I say dubs in 5!

  9. If the Celtics barely beat a injury riddled Heat team, they have no chance against the warriors who are playing the best they’ve played since they had KD. You’ve got 3 future HOFER’S in Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green + a future superstar in Jordan Poole Andrew Wiggins Looney great on boards and defense and they’ve never played better! I got the warriors in 6. Stephen Curry wins his first finals MVP!

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