20 Things you must do in San Francisco in 2022

Here are the top things you must do to enhance your trip to San Francisco.

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Charmaine’s Rooftop / Proper Hotel

Fog Harbor Restaurant

Water BAr Restaurant

China Live in Chinatown

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Shanutski with Captain Timothy

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  1. So glad I stumbled upon your video on YouTube this morning. I’m super pumped for for SF now. Flying in early November for a photography conference in Carmel. Coming back after conference for almost 2 days before flying home. Video gave me some great ideas.

  2. Ayeeeee that's home. I just watched your Ethiopia video today and now this. I've been subscribed for a while now. Glad to see you guys popping back into my algorithm more.

  3. No joke about the food – born and raised in SF but moved out in 2018. Never considered myself a food snob or a picky eater but my god I didn't know how good SF had it until I moved away. Haven't been back yet but love the video – I didn't even know about some of these spots despite living there most of my life!

  4. City was the height if sophistication, class, food, banking and insurance. Cant blame republicans fir turning it into a open air toilet. We use to laugh at detroit chicago philly, New York, dc etc… i heard kids in China who dint finish their dinner are told…think about all the homeless people in San Francisco! Stupid threat….our thieves, drug addicts and homeless are the fattest in the world!

  5. Love everything about your video from the little history to the little tips to the systematic organized contents and the awesome videographer to the typed out blurbs at the bottom left…! Very helpful. Thank you 🙏 💕

  6. They're so open and welcoming to everybody who's also a liberal I bet if I went there with conservative viewpoints they would be far less friendly

  7. Great video and some spots I still have left to do. SF is great and if you like running, I would recommend running from Hyde Cable car turnaround to Sausalito (12km) and take the ferry back (15$) to downtown SF. Crossing the bridge by foot was on my bucket list and i finally did it, three weeks ago 😃

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